The Words of the Sudo Family

IFA Sunday Service OSDP Lectures with Rev Ken Sudo

April 1, 2012

Last Sunday, April 1st 2012, over 120 Kanto Region IFA members and other International Unification Church couples were truly blessed to receive our dear elder brother Rev. Ken Sudo at Shibuya Headquarters Church as he presented lectures from the Original Substantial Divine Principle (OSDP) series. The two lectures over three hours were very deep and heartfelt.

Rev. Sudo spoke about the characteristics of God that are reflected in mankind who are made in His image. His 'Value of Man' lectures emphasized that each one of us IS ABSOLUTELY a child of God and have divine, unique and cosmic value; that we ARE, essentially, one family, and God is our Original Parent and True Parents are our substantial True Parents.

Engaging and embracing the audience directly in his unique lecture style, Rev. Sudo gently reminded us that our Heavenly Parent is fully aware of our struggles here in Japan along with our search for meaning in this culture: 'There is nothing that He does not know and feels more deeply than you.' Rev. Sudo also emphasized the significance of next year's D-Day event -- the marriage that will take place within God Himself.

After the workshop participants sent IFA heartfelt notes of appreciation to pass along to Rev. Sudo for this unique opportunity to taste the depth of the OSDP content, and expressed their hopes that more lectures can be provided not only for the Tokyo, Kanto area, but all over Japan. Rev. Sudo is now 81 years young and is still radiates the energy and warmth that have endeared him to so many of us over the many years he has diligently served God and True Parents as a filial and loving son.

Many thanks to all of you who came today for Rev Sudo's OSDP lectures; today's event was a great success!

I spoke with Rev. Sudo briefly afterwards and he expressed a concern that his 'poor English' was not enough. I assured him that his message was clear and like 'water on a parched desert' for us all.

I would like to invite you to send a short message of appreciation to this email address thanking Rev. Sudo and expressing how his words touched you in some way today. I will collect your messages a make sure they are passed along to Rev. Sudo so he knows how much we are moved by his words and heart today. 

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