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OSDP Certification Requirements

Ken Sudo
November 22, 2012

Hi everyone,

We have been in discussion with Rev. Sudo's office about the requirements for OSDP certification before D-Day, 2013.

Please see the following guidelines for those wishing to obtain OSDP certification.

Please note that all official certification will be issued Rev. Yu (Jeong Ok Yu) in Korea and that Rev. Sudo's office is facilitating such certification on our behalf.

Who needs Certification: All Blessed Couples

How much will it cost: A Certification Fee* of ¥10,000 for each individual + ¥2,000 for the OSDP Manual.

How do I pay for Certification: The Certification Fee should be paid to your local church on completion of watching the video OSDP series.

How do I pay for OSDP Manual: Use the IFA post office account*. Price is ¥2,000 to pick up at IFA Sunday Service, ¥2,300 to send via post

How do I watch the OSDP Videos: Please visit your local church and arrange to watch the videos at the church center. You must watch the videos onsite at the church to register each session as completed. The local church will send your name to Rev. Sudo's office once you have finished all the videos.

How many OSDP videos are there: Tokyo Lectures 1 and 2; Tokyo lectures 3, 4, and 5, Osaka lectures 6, 7, and 8 (Nagoya 12/2) + 1 more session still to be announced)

What conditions apply: Attendance of at least one of Rev. Sudo's live sessions (highly recommended, though not absolute)

*IFA has set up a Postal Account to receive the OSDP Manual Fee. Be sure to include your full name and address.

Account Name: IFA

Account Number: 10100-81673191

Deposit Amount: ¥2000 to pick up from IFA Sunday Service, ¥2300 to ship (Please include full name and address)

If you have any questions, please send an email to us.

IFA Committee 

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