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OSDP Lectures in Omiya and Shibuya

Ken Sudo
December 4, 2012

For International Members in Japan,

Our True Father asked for all members to attend an OSDP (Original Substance Divine Principle) before (and as a qualification to participate in) Foundation Day on February 22, 2013 (Solar Calendar).

Rev. Yu has appointed Rev. Sudo and Rev. Oyamada to teach the OSDP in Japan. Rev Sudo has been so serious to reach out to all including non-Japanese speakers.

For our international brothers and sisters, Rev. Sudo just finished recording his presentation of the OSDP in English. He has recorded 11 lectures. The lectures have been sent by HQ to each local church in Japan.

IFA is trying to help facilitate this effort. December 9: We will show the Nagoya lectures 9, 10 and 11 in the morning on the 6th floor of HQ Shibuya from 8:30 am to 1:30. (from 2:00 is our monthly IFA service on the 2nd floor)

December 15: Omiya church has agreed to host a DVD viewing 10:30 to 7:00 pm seminar schedule: 10:30 reception

10:45 lecture 8
12:15 lunch break
11:00 lecture 9
12:30 lecture 10
4:00 lecture 11
5:30 lecture 7

The fee for the seminar is 500 Yen. If you still need a OSDP manual, be sure to order it through IFA today! 2,000 Yen plus 300 Yen for shipping. Please contact IFA and register for the Omiya seminar.

Please bring your own lunch and we can have a nice study session together!

Kindly also note that child care will not be provided, nor is Japanese translation. There is a monitor room if you have a small child, but the hours will be long.

Omiya church address is: Omiya; 3-67 Horinouchi machi; Kakinuma Bld 1st floor.

The donation to receive the certificate is 10,000 Yen and is to be paid to your local church on completion of the lecture series. Your local church will report those who have fulfilled (watched all of the lectures) the condition to receive OSDP certification to Rev. Sudo's office then Rev. Eu's office in Korea will send the certificate.

It is our hope that international members throughout Japan will reach out to members not connected to IFA and gather together in your local areas to view this precious outreach of OSDP presented by Rev. Sudo.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

IFA Committee 

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