The Words of the Sudo Family

Rev. Ken Sudo accepted the role as senior pastor of International Family Association

April 6, 2013

Dear IFA Family,

We are so pleased with the growth and increased fellowship IFA is experiencing. More are attending our monthly Sunday services and the time for sharing afterwards, our IFA Facebook group is growing and connecting with more and more of you around the country, and our email distribution list continues to provide relevant and timely information on important matters related to God's Providence. Happily, IFA has become a source for connection with our True Parents' vision, and a support group for many who have little other opportunity to connect with church members in English.

Since Rev. Sudo extended his heart to us and accepted the role as our senior pastor, we have begun to see our path as a joyous, supportive, international family manifest itself with our Heavenly Parents in the midst! Also, with the recent arrival of Rev. and Mrs. Song, we can see that IFA is now a place where we want to bring our friends and guests.

At our last Board Meeting we voted to restart our annual membership fee of ¥3,000 to let you, as our extended family, support IFA financially if you are able. For some of the board, IFA has become a full time volunteer mission – only blessings! Our staff has been serving while paying for transportation to meetings and events and phone calls out of their own pocket. This will continue, of course! However, to expand our outreach, to increase family guidance and youth programs, more expenses are expected.

The IFA membership fee will be collected each April In accordance with our IFA Articles. The fee is optional and per family -- you are free to give less or more depending on your situation.

Please use our IFA postal account or give at our Sunday Service tomorrow, April 7 -- be sure to include your name and address so we can record your offering.

Please know with certainty that our IFA funds will be used as Heaven's money to bring life and promote our True Parents' vision.

Thank you all so much for touching our Heavenly Parents' Heart and expanding CIG here in Japan. If there is any way that we, together, can support your passion to serve, please let's talk!!

IFA Committee 

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