The Words of the Sudo Family

Mr. [Ken] Sudo's testimony to Master and the Divine Principle

Elizabeth Herzer
October 31 -- November 2, 1970
Second European Conference
Essen, West Germany

I would like to relate to you a report Mr. [Ken] Sudo gave to a training course. Eight and a half years ago he found the Divine Principle Movement, he said he was quite a difficult student and "wept a great deal." He heard about Principle in Osaka. The lectures took 3 to 4 hours each. Before he heard about Divine Principle he saw light and fire. He said he must have had a great vision from God.

After he accepted Divine Principle he realized what his mission was. He took the position of Mr. Nishikawa [Sang Ik "Papasan" Choi]. He said he did remember how many people he has lectured to. He wanted to speak about his training program.

In October 1962, about 50 people attended the course. The spirit of God was acting in such a strong way that at the end many people wept. 260 were gathered for the lectures. The last 20 days of the lecture period was filled with much activity and fasting. The people attending the training session underwent considerable change. In the beginning the general attitude was favorable but they later said that the lecturers had gone crazy.

The second training was very spiritual. Many had visions of Jesus and other spirit. The atmosphere was very high and everyone prayed a great deal. Some people called the Police, who promptly came and after looking at everything said they had all gone crazy.

In 1965 the Master [Sun Myung Moon] came to Japan for the first time. He instituted and blessed holy grounds. After he visited us the number of members increased 120. There was much spiritual power. Up to 1970 we had 100 training courses. 9,000 people have participated in them. Whilst in the beginning the problem was to find potential leaders and raise them. The training courses lower level started in 1968. 700 people attended these training periods, this was followed by a more advanced level.

How then can we influence the world? We have three stages of training courses. Each one takes 40 days. It is of great importance to educate teachers. The people we approached individually, but the leader is responsible. Japan nation has to start from a different point. They are materialistic and we have to teach them higher ideals. Thus Divine Principle is taught in a superficial way at first, they feel this very good.

In the second week deeper arguments took place but when they pull through and work very hard to bring it to other people, they all see it is worth going to this meeting. Then the anti-communist teachings begin. Communism is based on Atheism.

If we do not know the teachings of the anti-communist we cannot become a good anti-communist. After people have listened to this we give anti-communist literature and many people co-operate cheerfully. The last night they had a big bonfire, one after the other relates his life history, and swears his allegiance to God. Then off they go to different cities for two months.

It is very important to have a strong faith in God. We have to be very powerful, there are some points important to us:

I. We have to create a new generation.

II. We have to be a good witnesser.

III. We must be free otherwise God is not free within us to enable us to act fully.

There are three reasons for this. The first is the Cain and Abel relationship. If we do not solve the problem of Cain and Abel we cannot work for God. The second reason is the reaction between Adam and Eve. You have to experience whether you can master this. The third reason is one of dominion. We have to ask if we have been dominated by evil spirits. We cannot subjugate evil if we cannot overcome these three points. The Messiah found this out.

What do we mean when we talk about the Messiah forgiving? The first and last condition is live for him. It is very important to feel the heart of the Father and become one with it. The Japanese witness from heart. A young girl witnessed to a young boy in a park to win him for the forty day course. At the beginning he was hesitant. But he was swayed by her strong determination the second time an atheist was approached. We have to appeal to these people in a different way, through the heart and not the head. This shows the individual level. 

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