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Pioneer Witnessing

Ken Sudo
June 1975
New Hope News - June 23, 1975

From a talk given to Barrytown trainees prior to pioneer witnessing.

Father has decided on a new strategy to save America and to save the world: pioneer witnessing. Why has he decided on this strategy? We must understand it from his point of view.

Without being witnessed to, no one can understand or come to the Unification Church. Without being witnessed to, no one can receive the Divine Principle. Without receiving the Divine Principle, no one can understand the Messiah. Without understanding the Messiah, no one can be given forgiveness of sin. Without forgiveness of sin, no one can fulfill the purpose of man, no one can be truly happy, and no one can be saved. Therefore, we witness to save brothers and sisters all over the world. The purpose of witnessing is salvation -- the solution of sin and the realization of the purpose of man.

Also, witnessing is the highest practice of love. Love is sometimes different from liking. Liking is an ego-centered feeling. Love is serving others to make others happy. In order to be happy we must be sinless, fulfilling the purpose of mankind. Therefore, only by witnessing can we make others happy. Witnessing is the highest expression of love. By witnessing we can love; by loving, we can be loved.

The situation from the providential, point of view is this: unless we can fulfill our mission in this third 7-year course, many people will be killed by the Communists. Almost the whole world will be covered by Communism. Hundreds, thousands, millions of people will be killed by the Communists. The first victim will be the Unification Church. And next Christians. If it happens, how terrible it will be. Can you imagine the bloody tragedy of brothers and sisters who are being tortured and raped? Tortured and killed by Communists -- screaming, shouting and finally killed. Can you imagine? If you truly love your brothers and sisters, you will not be able to bear such a tragedy. This is the providential understanding as Father described it.

Already, according to information from the newspaper, massacres have started in South Vietnam. Even as mothers cried and shouted to save their sons, they were also shot and killed. In Cambodia the ex-Prime Minister was going to escape from the Communists by helicopter, but his family was late. He dropped off to save his family but the pilot of the helicopter didn't know that. While he was saving his family, the helicopter left and all of them were arrested and killed. There have been many tragedies like this in Cambodia.

This will not happen only in Southeast Asia. According to Father's talk, already Communists are trying to invade or infiltrate the United States from Canada and Mexico. Then also, in America there is a leftist movement. Many doves are flying in the Capitol building. It's a terrible situation. If we can't fulfill our mission in the third 7-year course, millions of Christians and Unification Church members will be victims of Communism. At any cost, we must bring victory here in America. America is the representative of Christianity and the free nations.

Therefore, even though the situation may be difficult, if America can fulfill her mission, the world's problems will be solved. Our mission here in America is the key point in saving the world.

Father said in the last conference that America is totally responsible for Vietnam and that even at the sacrifice of 2,000 Unification Church members in America, Vietnam should be saved. He also said that this is God's desire. Therefore God must be aching. His heart is filled with pain and aching. Congressmen and senators cannot understand at all; they refuse to help Vietnam. Heavenly Father and True Parents want to save Vietnam, even through sending our members.

If from a realistic point of view it is impossible, we are still responsible for Southeast Asia and for the world. What should we do in order to be truly responsible for the world? If we can't go to Vietnam, then we must be successful in the next three years. It is a crucial period from a providential point of view. The victories of Yankee Stadium and the Washington Monument will replace going to Asia. If we go to Asia some of our brothers and sisters would be killed; we would shed blood. Therefore, now, in the beginning of this campaign, we must start pioneer witnessing as if we were going to Cambodia or Vietnam. This must be our attitude toward pioneer witnessing. This is why we must fulfill the goal of witnessing to (bringing) one person every ten days.

Father is intending to bring 200,000 people to Yankee Stadium. How can we do this? Father's three year campaign to give direct influence to America consists of three stages. The first stage was Madison Square Garden, the second stage is Yankee Stadium, and the final stage will be the Washington Monument. I calculated the results of the Madison Square Garden campaign. Twenty thousand people gathered at Madison Square Garden. The New York Church had 300 people working 60 days. Also, 700 IOWC members were invested for 30 days. Almost 40,000 man-days were invested; we brought 20,000 people. In order to bring one guest, two man-days were invested. Then how many man-days should be invested to get victory in Yankee Stadium? Four hundred thousand should be invested -- but we must think about another condition as well. Do you think it's easier to bring 20,000 or 200,000 people from the same area?

If we work for two months, 10,000 people should be invested. Where will we get these people? You must realize the real situation. Can everyone quit the MFT? MFT members are paying for Barrytown. Many things are going to be needed. Can we stop the MFT? Can we stop overseas missionaries? They already went this morning. Where can we get 10,000 people?

We have 160 members here and we can expect 200 from the 40-day training session and 70 are coming from the field. That's 430 members. More than half of the important leaders went as overseas missionaries and most of the core members are here in this room. Some are in the field.

Father's intention is to make 12,000 core witnessers. But in actuality, we now have 500 people. In New York most of the members are Japanese -- they are still having difficulty in witnessing due to language. They cannot go pioneer witnessing here in America. Then we must start from 500 people.

America must be the foundation of manpower and money. Father needs more MFTs and more IOWC members. Therefore, Father needs thousands and thousands of people even now. This is the real situation. We must start from 500 people. Five hundred people must start to save America, to fill Yankee Stadium. Can you do that?

We must understand another reality. This is now the first l20-day training session. One hundred and sixty people will start their real mission from the middle of June -- really from July. How many months can you witness? Just nine or ten months. Yankee Stadium is now being fixed. If we invest two months in the campaign, there are ten months for preparation. How many can you bring every month? It's very easy to say, "Four, five or six-no problem." But you must think of the real situation.

According to our records when Father came there were about 500 American members. Now there are just 2,000. Actually, there are many other people around but these 2,000 are the fully devotional people. Then from 500 to 2,000 in three years-this means maybe one person brought one or two persons every year. If 500 people start again and if we do as we did before, then how many can we bring? Only another five or six hundred people. Then maybe a thousand people can be invested in Yankee Stadium -- at the most maybe 2,000 people will be invested. Can we get victory in Yankee Stadium with only 2,000 people? We need 10,000 at least. With 2,000, only one-fifth of Yankee Stadium will be filled.

We must have a clear understanding of reality. If Father can't bring victory in Yankee Stadium, then what will happen to Father's reputation in America? Can Father give direction to America? If Father can't give Heavenly direction to America, what will be the future of America? It will be taken by Satan. How about the third 7-year course?

It will fail. How about the future destiny of Christians and the Unification Church? It will be nothing but destruction, death, massacre and bloodshed. This it the real situation? If we do as we did before, there is no hope for America. How can we solve this problem? We must change our method of witnessing. A drastic change is necessary. This is the reason why Father decided on pioneer witnessing.

Can you bring two people every month? They must move in, not just sign. Otherwise they cannot be mobilized. Those to whom you witness will come to Barrytown; they will need six months' education. Only from those who are witnessed to can we gain more fully devotional members. There will not be many from other sources.

Also we must understand this point: if someone joins after a seven-day workshop, it won't be so easy for him to fulfill the rigorous demands of a major campaign. A person who joined just two days ago giving away tickets, tickets, tickets -- from morning until night -- will fall away. Members must be in the Family for about two months to do a major campaign.

If you can gain two fully devotional people every month, we can get about 8,000 people. If you can find three fully devotional people every month for ten months it means 13,000 people. Do you think we can bring victory? Are you confident? We must bring three people every month. We must gain one fully devotional member every ten days. If you can do this, we can save America and the world. Don't think, "Someone else can do that." Don't think, "Other people can do that." Think, "It's only me who can save America and save the world without blood." 

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