The Words of the Sudo Family

Blessed Children's Year in Korea

Ichiko Sudo, Young Oon Orme, Naeran Verhyen, Helga Kunkel, Johanna Van Der Stok
March 1984

Excerpts from their yearly Magazine "The Blessed Children's Year in Korea 1983"

All foreign blessed girls here in Korea In our new house. The lady in the middle with the baby Is Mrs. Ichijo.

My Ideas about Life in Korea
Ichiko Sudo

I've only been in Korea for three months and already I've come to know it quite well. People in Korea are very friendly. Sometimes I feel that they are a part of my family, which according to the Divine Principle, they are. Every time someone offers to hold my bag on the bus, I am always a bit hesitant at first because in New York City, I would surely never see it again. Trust is one thing I find quite unique about Korea.

Korean culture is also very wonderful in the ways Koreans treat their elders. They respect and admire them for their past and for what they are. Koreans realize that the longer you have lived, the more you know and can share with anybody who is willing to listen.

Korea is wonderful, but as in all other countries, sometimes Koreans do things that can be quite annoying. For instance, spitting.

While I was walking down the street one day I passed a group of teen-aged boys. From behind I heard a horrible noise and I turned around. One of the boys had spit ail over the sidewalk. You can find "it" every block or so, but in some places even every three feet.

Although I haven't mentioned every bad point (nor every good) I think Korea, all in all, is a lovely country and so are its people.

Young Oon Orme with Mrs. Ichijo's baby girl on Jan. 25, 1984.

Meeting with Father
Young Oon Orme

On April 14, 1983 I went to see True Father. It's not every day that one gets to meet the King of Kings, so I was very nervous. I had been depressed for a long time and 1982 was a year in which I learnt many lessons the hard way.

I wanted to leave Korea so first I had to ask Father if it is all right.

True Father, however, did not give me his consent, but he gave me back my faith and filled me full of love.

He scolded me and he laughed and smiled at me. I cried many tears and as was leaving Father said "Go with love."

This meeting changed my life. I'm like a new person and in these next few words 1 want to express my love for True Father.

Dedicated to True Father:

"Forever I will love you and even when we part my love for you True Father remains within my heart."

With love.

Y. O. O.

Our Mission
Naeran Verhyen

Dear Readers,

I am sure all of you have been wondering probably as much as we have about the first blessed children's missions. We found out from Mr. Oyamada (a Japanese leader) all that is written in this report. Some will be my own opinion of things, but it will be mostly factual.

Our first mission, as you have probably guessed, is to learn the Korean language well. We also have to learn the Korean way of living and really get to know the Korean people well, because in later years, Korean might become the main language in the world as English is now. Also in the forthcoming years we might have to help translate for the people who do not know Korean.

I think it would be very important to learn Korean, not only because of the two facts I just mentioned, but also that we will be able to really understand things that Father expresses in Korean, since sometimes translators can't really express True Father's true feelings. They can just tell the summation of the speeches.

Another thing we have to do here is to create unity between East and West. We are already starting this by making friends with the Japanese children who have come to Korea to study with us. I think if we unite and become good friends with each other it will be easier to work together. There are 12 of us signifying the 12 disciples of Jesus who must work together in unity.

After maybe about five years of studying Korean we might get blessed, then go to a university in America. By then our church will have its own university, and we will all go there together -- even the Japanese students, who are now studying English, will go as well.

After finishing university we shall all go around the world and do other activities which are being prepared for us, even now.

Then each of us will be taken and given a mission probably in Africa or South America.

All of us right now are very excited to know what we will be doing in the future, even though it is still many years away. We know that we have to start preparing for that now.

P.S. This information comes straight from True Father.

Your roving reporter


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