The Words of the Sudo Family

Inheriting Father's Victory

Ken Sudo
April 1, 1989
Tribal Messiah's Workshop
New York City

From 1978 to 1983 Father spoke about home church and nothing else. Then for some time Father didn't say anything about home church. But two years ago in one Sunday Service he spoke about home church again, saying he will speak no more about it -- from now it is our responsibility. Then at the last moment he mentioned one more word: After 1988, home church activity will become full-scale, nationwide, and even worldwide.

Now the time has come. In the Bible Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven is in your mind. He didn't say that the Kingdom of Heaven is in your body. You know the reason why. Even though we Christians believed in Jesus, confessed our sins, received the baptism, and were born again, it was just spiritual rebirth, not physical.

Then our True Parents came and we received the Blessing. Through the Blessing we are born anew not only spiritually but also physically. Until the Blessing, from God's point of view we do not exist. Only through the Blessing do we come to the point where we can become God's son or daughter. Until that time we are not recognized as God's children.

As you know, the Blessing is not just marriage. More essentially it is rebirth, the changing from Satan's lineage to God's lineage. Then we are freed from sin, especially original sin. But this doesn't mean we are free from Satan's attack. After the Blessing we may experience more attack from Satan and even go through a much more difficult time than before. Why? There are many reasons, but one fundamental reason is we could not cleanse our past, even conditionally, by the time of our Blessing. We were supposed to have cleansed ourselves of past sins, especially Chapter 2 things and all kinds of self- centeredness. If our cleansing was fulfilled 50 percent, we can receive 50 percent of the Blessing, or if one percent cleansed, then one percent of the Blessing. Satan is still 99 percent free to attack you. That is why the Blessing has been conditional and why we are very vulnerable to Satan's attack even after the Blessing, the Holy Wine Ceremony, and the Three-Day Ceremony.

Fulfilling the Blessing

In such a situation we are supposed to accomplish three internal directions:

1) unity with True Parents;
2) unity between husband and wife;
3) unity between children and with children.

This means we have to unite our own physical children, whom we call Abel-type, and spiritual children, whom we call Cain-type. That involves witnessing and home church. At the same time we have to take responsibility for unity with children. These elements must be accomplished not as indemnity but as a course that is absolutely necessary in order to go through the completion stage into the direct dominion of God.

These elements are necessary, but we must break through one most essential barrier in order to get into the Kingdom of Heaven -- the satanic environment. Through fulfilling the Blessing we may become pure as individuals, but our environment is still satanic, from the family to the universal levels. Unless we can overcome the gigantic environment under Satan's dominion, we will not be free from his attack. That is the reason why even though we are Blessed we have been suffering a lot. How is it possible to be free from Sa- tan's attack and break through these environments? There are two ways to get into the direct dominion of God, or the Kingdom of Heaven. One is to become the Messiah by serving and accomplishing exactly as Father did. You have to do your own Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, and Washington Monument campaigns. You have to deal with China, Russia, and cleanse the whole world of sin. Then you can get into the direct dominion of God. Are you confident?! If not, the only other way into the Kingdom of Heaven is through home church. Without doing home church you cannot become a tribal messiah.

It is certain that no one can accomplish the same things Father did. The only other way is to unite with the person who went through every stage and completely subjugated Satan. Through uniting with that person and inheriting his victory, you will be considered to have accomplished the same victory as that person. Who is that person? Father, True Parents. You can check all the five billion people living on this earth and go back throughout the entire history of mankind, but only one person did it -- Father. Isn't it great to have True Parents?!

How Can We Qualify?

We cannot inherit from the parents unconditionally. What qualification do we need? When our parents go to the spirit world and we inherit their property, we have to pay an inheritance tax. To inherit Father's victory, home church is the tax we must pay. This is each person's individual responsibility, and unless we pay this, we cannot inherit the victory.

The providence of tribal messiahship has come. A couple of weeks ago I asked Father, "Is this home church?" He said yes. I also asked if the 360 system is still valid. He said of course. And for husband and wife, 720? He again said yes. Therefore this tribal messiahship is the home church providence.

For many brothers and sisters their hometown is in some other state or country. What is their relationship with the homecoming providence? Father said this is their Cain-type home church. Then how about Abel-type home church, which means your own family or tribe? Eventually everyone will be given the chance to do Abel-type home church.

Doing 360 homes represents 360 degrees, which represents the entire universe. Because Father took responsibility for the providence of the entire universe, we are given 360 houses that represent the entire universe for us. That is why 360 homes will be "my territory, my world, my universe." You have to claim total ownership and offer it to Heavenly Father. Whatever happens in your home church area will have a parallel providential significance with the worldwide providence. So if a very nasty person comes to attack you, you can think he is like Kim Il Sung and the event has the significance of a communist attack in your own area.

Or if you visit one family and that family is so happy and grateful that they want t. do anything for you, then you can feel it has the same value as if you had restored one nation. Even small things that happen in your area will have such providential significance.

You have to serve these 360 families and melt their hearts. You have to find your first spiritual child, then three, 12, then 72. The total equals 84 spiritual children. In this way we are doing what Jesus wanted but wasn't able to have, and thus we can console his broken heart.

Winning Cain and Abel Tribes

If this Cain-type home church is accomplished, then the Cain-type tribe is restored. Actually, you can expect that only one-third of the 360 families will respond to you. Out of three stages, the first two were invaded by Satan. The final stage will be pure. That is why one- third will be required in the providence of tribal messiahship.

With this foundation of your Cain- type tribe, you can go to your own family and relatives, your Abel-type tribe. If your relatives are no longer in your hometown, you can visit your neighbors and friends. When you can accomplish the Cain side, the Abel side is much easier. Just think, if 40 people are very happy with you, they will pay for their own ticket and yours also in order to go with you to your hometown to support you. These 40, or even 10, or even 3 people, representing the whole community, will tearfully testify how grateful they are to you. When your family and friends listen to this testimony, they will be so amazed. If a famous and influential person comes to support you, your family will be so amazed: "Wow! Was my son this great? I never knew." They almost won't even need to hear the Divine Principle to unite with you!

We are going the same way as Father, who returned to Korea with his worldwide foundation and won a tremendous response in his home country. When the Cain-type tribe is restored, the Abel-type tribe will be restored very quickly. For those who came from outside the United States, for example, tall and beautiful Americans will return with you to your country, thanking you in tears. Your family and neighbors will be so surprised -- in one day you can restore your whole family!

When 100 people, or 200 between husband and wife, are so grateful to you they want to do anything for you; they will testify to you in your hometown. When the two tribes are restored, when Cain and Abel become one, you can become tribal parents on that foundation. Only in this way can you become tribal parents and accomplish tribal messiahship. Everybody is a candidate to be a tribal messiah, but no one is a tribal messiah yet.

Inside the Covenant

What comes next? Then you will be approved by Heavenly Father. The qualification to get into the direct dominion of God is to acquire a diploma for the accomplishment of tribal messiah- ship. As I mentioned, Father knows we cannot accomplish exactly what he has accomplished. Then how can we get into the Kingdom of Heaven? Father asked Heavenly Father, "Will it be okay to give my victory to my children if they fulfill the conditions of the tribal messiah- ship?" Surely God asked Satan first, "You, Devil, do you agree?" Satan said, "Yes," even though he didn't like it. With this condition God gave permission to Father to give his victory to his own children. It is a covenant between God and True Parents, with the approval of Satan. That is the contents of home church.

By no other mission or responsibility can you inherit Father's victory. Therefore, whatever mission you may have done, however successfully -- whether you have dozens of spiritual children, or made millions of dollars by fundraising, or did a tremendous job in various missions -- nevertheless, these accomplishments cannot be the condition upon which you can inherit Father's victory. You must go inside the covenant, which is home church. Therefore, anyone who wants to go into the Kingdom of Heaven has to do home church. No exemption, no exception.

Then who is qualified to inherit property from parents? It is only the children. A servant or employee can receive wages, but has no qualification to inherit everything. The child might not receive wages or salary, but eventually only the child can inherit everything.

Then how is it possible to become the child of True Parents? By the Blessing. Therefore, the blessed family is the first qualification to begin this providence. Just to make sure, a few days ago I asked Father about unblessed brothers and sisters. Father said, "Of course, the blessed family is the center, but any Unification Church member can do this." Even if you are not blessed, you can do it. It is a special grace, centered on the blessed family.

God's Direct Dominion

If you can accomplish this, Father will show you to God and Satan, "Look, my son restored Cain and Abel tribes and achieved the qualification for the tribal messiahship. I will give my victory to him." Can Satan complain? God will be so happy and will bless you.

Then what would happen? If we fulfill our responsibility on the individual, family, and tribal levels, then the society, nation, and world levels will be given to us. With this small condition of the accomplishment of tribal messiah- ship, we will be given Father's victory completely. Then we will be considered to have accomplished the same things Father did, without doing the Washington Monument Rally, for example. As you know, Father is now totally free from Satan's attack. Of course, he receives persecution, but it is because of us, not him; he is taking responsibility for us.

When we have this qualification, we will be considered to have accomplished the same things Father did. Then we will be totally free from Satan's attack. What does this mean? No strange voice; will come from the spirit world, and there will be no more internal struggle between Cain and Abel. This means God is our subject. Until now we have had two masters fighting within us, but finally we will have only one -- God.

For the first time in the history of restoration, you are going into the direct dominion of God. This is the purpose of all religions, though they have never fulfilled it. Only through the Unification Church has it become possible to get into the direct dominion of God, and only through tribal messiahship.

Coming into the direct dominion of God is the restoration of the first blessing. If the first blessing is accomplished, you will become the temple of God. God can live in you. When you open your mouth, God will speak through you, and your word will become the word of God. When you love, your love will become the love of God; when you work, your work will become the work of God. Then you become the pure, perfect image of God and people can see God in you as Jesus said, "He who has seen me has seen the Father." You can talk with God freely, asking any question, and the answer would come forth from inside. Father says he feels funny because sometimes when he asks a question, the answer comes from inside himself. We may have experiences like that in the future. This kind of give and take action and unity with Heavenly Father is the fulfillment of the purpose of life.

Heaven's Citizens

What is next? Then you will be qualified to apply for citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven. No matter what race, nationality or age you are, whoever accomplishes this will be qualified to become a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven.

In order to become, a citizen of God's Kingdom, one nation must be God's nation. Then God's will can be done in that country, and it can be declared the Kingdom of Heaven, or God's nation. Father said this is his mission, to restore one nation under God.

Then what is our mission? Our mission is to become tribal messiahs. If we do, Father can give his victory to us and we will be considered to have accomplished all levels completely; we will be free from Satan and will be qualified to become citizens of Heaven. Father said it will be the longest lineup ever, much longer than the lines in shopping centers in Russia! If a husband or wife is of one nationality, their baby's nationality is usually the same. If parents become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, then when the children are born, they are also citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Is there any greater gift than the citizenship of the Kingdom of Heaven? Therefore, if you can obtain the citizenship of the Kingdom of Heaven and give this citizenship to your own loving sons and daughters, isn't that the greatest gift parents can give? Now, when you are doing home church they may suffer. But eventually, when they realize the value of what you did, they will cry out in gratitude: "You are the best dad in the world. You are the best mom in the world." If you love your children, you should do tribal messiahship through home church.

Once citizenship is obtained, there will be tribal organization. Then not only your children but also your descendants will become citizen., and eventually your ancestors will join the same tribe. That way you are saving the past, the present, and the future. We must restore the elder brother's birthright by giving sacrificial love. As you give yourself to your own community, you will melt the heal t of one person, three, 12, 72, eventually 84, even 120. Then these people will go crazy for you. On that foundation, the worldwide condition will be given to you, and you will become victorious.

Study the contents of the Home Church book. Also in the special home church issue of Today's World, September 1981, you will find a lot of important directions. Thank you. 

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