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Blessed Teens Academy

Jeri Tamayo
March 29, 2006

Dear Parents,

The Blessed Teens Academy is an incredible place. As each day passes, I am more and more amazed at the wonder of God and His handiwork. Seriously. Your children are growing leaps and bounds and I am so moved by the wonder of it all. We just had an incredible weekend workshop here in Denver. About 25 teens of the Denver Blessed children attended. The first year BTA students organized, prepared and gave lectures as well as asked the elder BTA students to give personal testimonies and their rendition of the students talks. It was awesome to say the least. On Saturday night they split up into boy and girl groups and by ages 13 and under, and 14 and older. They opened up and shared so much it was fantastic and the bond that has begun between the community kids and yours is truly a sight to behold.

The program we have is incredible and I have seen the heart of God nurturing His children in the environment which has been created here. Also as each year passes the older students take more and more ownership of the program and make sincere effort to raise their younger brothers and sisters in the love and traditions of True Parents. Thus, this program is not something that can become small or non-existent. It must continue to grow and develop. Your children are growing leaps and bounds and God is inspiring more children to attend. I really think that we have to begin to think on a higher dimension.

I realize that some of you may be thinking that this will be your child's last year here... but there are more children who want to attend. Also your own child may want to continue one more year (with your blessings of course) just to make sure they have really gotten the information that God is trying to give them. All of them want to be clear about who they are and what their role is in God's providence. Well, each of them to their own degree of understanding. The point is this program must remain.

I believe one of the reasons this program has been successful until now is because of the natural culture of heart which is created through Principle life education and the practice thereof. When people live in a public environment centered on the principle, we are accountable for our actions. Thus, an honest and open atmosphere is created and Satan cannot hide; so the natural effort to want to improve yourself is there.

As you all know we recently moved the BTA to Denver, Colorado from Nevada. The Denver community is large and we felt a greater potential to involve more blessed children with this program that has developed in our home. We have a vision to create a model education program for the second generation all across the globe. The dilemma we have is just that though. A regular (residential type) home is not big enough to accommodate the growing interest of our worldwide blessed family community in this program. We would like to be able to obtain a property where we can continue with the home school program itself, but also create a workshop center for blessed children as well as their families. One that could be utilized by other programs in our movement worldwide, such as but not limited to STF or SFP, etc. and other particular programs, summer or winter workshops, family workshops etc...

Right now we are being asked by the zoning board to come into compliance. Tomorrow I will be going to the office to request papers for re-zoning for our landlords. This can slow down the process of our moving for now, but honestly, we are going to have to move and we need to purchase a property. But, right now, the funds we receive for the students' room and board cover just that. We have no extra. The program is totally supported by student's fees, which we try to keep as low as possible for the parents sake. So, yes we have a bit of a money problem.

On that note I am beginning to reach out to you the parents and our greater Blessed family community, as well as the greater church entity and seek your support in helping us continue to build a school that can reflect the heart and teachings of our True Parents.

We have found several nice properties that could be a good starter for our school, with some land and sizeable buildings. How we go from here I don't know. But I know that we have to get support for this.

I am confident when you come to visit our home you will be moved by the atmosphere of love, dedication and harmony that is created here. We really want you to visit.

Yes, I am putting a call out. If you know of anyone who you think would like to help support this program please, forward this letter to them.

Please view our web site it is being updated on a weekly basis.

Sincerely in True Parents Love...Jeri Tamayo

Steve and Jeri Tamayo

Rocky Mountain
Blessed Teens Academy
1340 S Lininger Dr.
Golden, Co. 80401

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