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Invitation To The 5th International Family Service Project: Establishing A Culture Of Peace Through The Culture Of Heart - 18th -27ht August 2006 Croatia

Leon Unterlehner
May 31, 2006

Dear Families and volunteers,

International Relief Friendship Foundation is inviting you to take part in 5th International Family Service Project in Croatia, where families and volunteers from all over the world are setting up a role model of cooperation among families from different nations and religions, stressing an active role of a family in the society.

Family Project's vision is to inspire families to educate children in the spirit of solidarity and service; teach them about loyalty, respect for others, honesty, self-sacrifice and taking responsibility.

Together with volunteers, families will help to the local families and elders in need (small restoration works in their homes and outside; works that everyone can do) in small community Štrigova in Croatia where the families will help to tidy the tourist path, surroundings of the local community, meet with local people, …

During the project, beside the service there will also be two days orientation program (making acquaintances, discuss family values), evening programs and round tables, outings, participation in family games, local cultural events and folklore. Special program will be made for children. They will have a chance to take an active part in the project, help their parents and enjoy in other activities prepared for them.

Participants will be accommodated in the place that families can be together and with enough space where we can have evening programs.

Program also includes participation in local events that will be held during the project and visiting local tourist sites.

You are all warmly invited to participate with your families and experience unforgettable adventures working, sharing and living together with others.

Report with photos from past family adventures are available on:

Application form for this year is available on:

We are looking forward to your participation. More information about the project and program you can get from Leon Unterlehner.

Warm greetings,

Leon Unterlehner
IRFF Slovenia

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