The Words of the Ushiroda Family

Jr. STF Educators' Training Report

Naokimi Ushiroda
November 2 - 4, 2007
Seong Hwa USA Director
Estes Park, Colorado

We just completed our first Jr. STF Field Educator's Training this past weekend (Nov 2-4) at Estes Park, Colorado. There were 16 people who attended, from 9 different communities:

Takamitsu Sakuwa (SH HQ), Kenshu Aoki (CARP HQ), Rev. DongWoo Kim (FF HQ), Naokimi Ushiroda (SH HQ), Kimikami Miyake (WR NY), Abigail Zambon (CT), Krystoff Heller (Metro NY), Jin Kwon Kim (NJ), Leo Soaivan (NJ), Crescentia Hinkle (PA), Will Stein (MD), Christa Sofenoski (MD), Aki Goto (VA), Pastor Hiroshi Goto (VA) Sakiko Muranaka (LA), and Roddy Portelance (Canada)

Although it was a very short time that we had together, I felt that we were able to go deep into the workshop motto of "Discovering My True Identity" We started with discussing the overall vision of education for our youth, and covered some key topics such as:

Importance of Identity Education,
My Identity as a Child of God,
My Identity as a Blessed Child, and
My Identity as an Extended Member of True Family.

We also had the privilege of having both Takamitsu Sakuwa, representing the Seong Hwa International Department and Rev. Dong Woo Kim, the national education director, give morning service on each of the mornings that we were there.

The weather was perfect throughout the weekend, and the view was breathtaking. We even had the chance to go for a mini-hike into the beautiful Colorado snow-peaked mountains. We took a lot of pictures.

Thanks for reading, and please support the Jr. STF field educator in your area.


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