The Words of the Van Loon Family

Service in Minneapolis

Hannah Van Loon
September 18, 2005


Amadeas team and Tonyas team visited the Minnesota Minneapolis church. The morning started with pledge and announcements with 2nd gen worship leader Kesung Anderson. STF introductions were made and we joined in singing songs. THis was a wonderful way to come together and give to the church. Many shared they felt uplifted remembering the youthful spirit they had in their earlier days.

Then was a sermon by Rosemary Yokoi called "seed of true love." She shared about the 2nd year STFers in Louisiana, that their love and dedication could change the hearts of even those who had a negative view of Father and the movement. The power of the 2nd gen to plant seeds of true love in people. The main focus of this sunday was a memorial service for Kwan Jung Lee. Mitsuyo Ikeno and Ken Anderson, friends of Kwan Jung gave testimonies of the impact he had in their lives, he was a "giver," they said. Rev. Seo also shared about the significance of Kwan Jung's life and the heart with which he came to STF. He came out of love to his parents to grow and challenge himself. It was a very humbling experience to see first hand how much sacrifice and love goes into STF.

After the service was over, all the STFers gathered to clean the Minneapolis church from top to bottom. Though, regretfully, the 2nd gen from the family church couldn't participate, it was great for STF to feel like we were giving something to the community. (Then of course we were treated to wonderful homemade korean food.) After this we could spend time with the 2nd gen, playing sports all together. The STFers felt such a family atmosphere in the community, though we had only been there a few hours, they were so kind and warm. This sunday was a great experience where STF could give inspiration to a church community, especially 1st gen and STF alumni, and could in turn be inspired by the warm community led by a team of 1st gen and 2nd gen brothers and sisters. As we left, waving our good byes, we all felt so lucky to have had a chance to share and spend time with the Minneapolis church.

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