The Words of the Van Loon Family

Service in Utah

Hannah Van Loon
October 2, 2005

Today is Sunday, October 2nd. Amadea's team and Tonya's team visited the Utah church in Salt Lake City. The church is a beautiful place, right now only ten families, but we could feel that this church has a young spirit. The pastor, Rev. Fong, graduated from UTS a few years ago, and there are many young second and third generation children. We could bring energy to the opening songs, and we performed ‘New Song of Inspiration’ just before Rev. Fong began Sunday service about finding true joy. He was holding back tears when he welcomed us and also when he spoke of Father's tour. We were all inspired by his deep heart toward God and True Parents. We could see that he was so happy to see us because he felt we were the hope of this nation and for true parents. It was wonderful to find this kind of deep fresh, and loyal heart hidden in a small community in Utah.

After the service, STF shared a video and a couple testimonies about the STF experience, and seeing Father on the 100 city tour. This was a good time to come closer to the community and give them inspiration and energy. Afterwards, we conversed freely with some of the members. The Utah church atmosphere is familial and humble, very much like some of the early Unification churches in America. We weren't expected but we were all eventually invited to one family's home to celebrate the birthdays of two young twin boys. We were warmly welcomed there with home-cooked Korean food quickly conjured up into larger quantity to accommodate our large group. We could really feel the community's love and appreciation for us. In the end, after spending lunch together, we were sent off with three cheers of Mansei and some words of guidance from Rev. Fong. He told us to remember that God is always with us and watching us; he even watches a single strand of hair on our heads. He told us that we are the hope of our movement and America.

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