The Words of the Wakhisi Family

Ambassadors for Peace: Leadership Seminar

Frederick Wakhisi
March 4, 2006
UPF-Kenya Secretary General
Nairobi, Kenya

Using the existing network of Ambassadors for Peace, we approached one of the newly appointed Ambassador for Peace, Dr. Getrude Abuno, a lecturer at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa- Nairobi and within 24 hours she had reached out to about 44 eminent personalities including senior academic staff members, clerics and NGO Executives. Out of these 44 people, 40 attended the seminar. We also invited a few core Ambassadors for Peace and reached our goal of 64 participants. This is the amazing power of women Ambassadors for Peace.

At the seminar the spirit was high. Participants were eagerly expecting and keenly listened to the Principles of Universal Peace, HIV-AIDS-the UPF/IIFWP perspective. They were touched and moved.

The Catholic Fathers appreciated the value and role of the family in realization of universal peace. Many of them have been involved in peace programs yet were not clear about the root source of peace and the root cause of conflict. Dr. Abuno herself is most interested in Father Moonís principle of realizing the Peace Kingdom through ideal Families. She has requested a Portrait of Father and Mrs. Moon for her office at the Catholic University of East Africa just like the one at the University of Nairobi in Prof. Ogutuís office. She remarked that Father Moon is passionate and at the same time very holy.

In the afternoon session, the incoming Regional Chair Rev. Eiji Tokuno testified about the Founders Father and Mother Moon. He talked of Father Moonís life in prison in Japan, Korea and United States and how Father always kept a high standard and remained a model. Nobody uttered a word throughout the session. One thing is very clear; the spirit is very different right now. If we seize this very moment our nations can be transformed. The second part of the afternoon session Rev. Tokuno presented the report for Africa 2005. It was amazing to see the transformation that the continent had undergone.

The continent has almost undergone a complete metamorphosis. From the days of young people joining Father Moonís movement, to this moment where those very idealistic people are now rubbing shoulders and influencing holders of the highest political offices in the nations. This is an amazing grace.

Five participants testified at the end of the presentations. They paid glowing tribute to the life and works of Father and Mother Moon. They remarked that solutions to many of our social-economic problems lie with the teachings of Father Moon. Of the five who testified, three held doctorate degrees while two were graduates of Masterís programs. The seminar participants were mostly distinguished academic dons. Over 85% were Masters level and above. 44 Ambassadors for peace were appointed.

In conclusion, Rev. Tokuno gave the go-ahead for a Members of Parliament Seminar. The seminar will be held before the end of March.

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