The Words of the Watanabe Family

My Testimony of the Matching

Jinju Watanabe
June 21, 2003

I knew it was coming. This was my last phone call to my mom before the Colorado workshop, and she was asking me a million questions about the Blessing. I knew that they were looking for my match, but I had no idea it would piece together so quickly. However, all throughout the fundraising competition, I had been trying to focus on my mission of fundraising, but I could tell that my whole family knew something I didnít, which can be quite distracting, if you can imagine.

But I was determined to keep a clear mind and a pure heart about it. I really wanted to set the right conditions for God to work. Prayer is always good, but I didnít want to think about the matching, you know, just let God do His thing. The best way I determined to prepare for the matching was to give my all to bring comfort to Godís heart and understand True Parentís heart and life course. In that time I was inspired to write a song (something Iíd never done before) to comfort Heavenly Father. I made this my offering to God, TP, my ancestors, and to my parents. I really wanted to cultivate my heart as a pure daughter of God, so that I would be ready to love whomever God would give me. Now I could tell the final moment had arrived.

My anxiousness finally blurted out, " Could you just tell me?" There was a pause on the phone and then my mom ever so slowly responded, "This isnít official, but Rev. and Mrs. Fong want to meet you in Colorado." A wave of calmness and peace washed over my mind. "There it is," I told myself. "Justin FongÖ Heís the one, no more worries or questions or confusion." My mom was awaiting my answer.

"Thank you." I whispered into the receiver. My heart was trembling. I couldnít believe it. My life is forever changed with one phone call.

I didnít know Justin so well, just a few days from Camp Sunrise last summer and our STF workshops. But I remembered his sincere heart in his testimonies and the songs heíd written and sung for entertainment. He was always a brother I had respected and admired.

Competition finally ended and we began the drive to Colorado. The whole way there I was so nervous. I couldnít eat, couldnít sleepÖ. it was very difficult to hide my emotions of excitement from my team. Anyway, we made it there to the YMCA Camp of the Rockies, in Estes Park. (Our second home, our first being the van, of course) Amidst the trees, we ended our day in prayer. So far so good, no awkward encounters yet.

The next day I was able to meet with Rev. Fong during dinner. I was so surprised at the feeling of calmness I felt talking with him. Everything went by so natural, definitely not what I had expected. He gave me permission to talk with Justin about everything. The next morning, Justin found me (which Iím so glad because I donít know how I could have approached him), and we went for a walk. Again no stress. Talking to him was like talking to a really good friend. We talked mostly about the ministerís conference in DC, witnessing, and my last competition. Even in that short time I could see how our characters complemented each other. We ended our first meeting in prayer.

So this is just the beginning of our story. In my heart and soul, all I can say is Thank you so much to my Beloved Heavenly Father, True Parents, my Wonderful Ancestors, and to my Parents for bringing our families together. Day by day I see how right this is. I cannot imagine my life any other way. Justin is the prince Iíve always imagined, and I know 6,000 years of our ancestry paid so much indemnity for us to be brought together. Of course the road of life will not always be smooth. And no matter how hard I wish, life isnít a Broadway musical. But I know weíll make our lives a song of inspiration for generations to follow, as long as we keep-

One in God, One in True Parents, and One in Love for all Eternity.

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