The Words of the Wells Family

 Table of Contents

Darwinism: Why I Went for a Second Ph.D. (Jonathan Wells)

Evolution by Design (Jonathan Wells)

Marriage and the Family: Fall and Restoration (Jonathan Wells)

Marriage and the Family: the Unification Blessing (Jonathan Wells)

New ERA Christian-Marxist Dialogue (Jonathan Wells - September 18-21, 1986)

The Fifth God Conference (Jonathan Wells - February 1987)

The Second New ERA Christian-Marxist Dialogue (Paul Mojzes and Jonathan Wells - August 12-15, 1987)

Theological Witch-Hunt: The NCC Critique of the Unification Church (Jonathan Wells - 1997)

Unification Though versus Darwinian Evolution (Jonathan Wells - November 2004)

The Case For Intelligent Design In The Classroom (Jonathan Wells - October 13, 2005)

Evolution and Unification Thought (Jonathan Wells - April 8, 2011 pdf)

Jonathan Wells on destroying Darwinism – and responding to attacks on his character and motives (November 5, 2011 pdf)

God’s Creation of Adam and Eve (Jonathan Wells - December 11, 2013 pdf)

Our Information-Rich Universe Points to Intelligent Design (Jonathan Wells - October 27, 2014 pdf)

Jonathan Wells Recalls His Days at UTS (Douglas Burton - September 2, 2015 pdf)

Zombie Science - More Icons of Evolution (Jonathan Wells - April 1, 2017 pdf)

In Memory of Anita Wells (1940 - 2018) (Crescentia DeGoede - April 13, 2018 pdf)

Jonathan Wells (intelligent design advocate) (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - March 30, 2019 pdf)

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