The Words of the Wrice Family

Leonard Wrice's Passing to the Spirit World

November 6, 2002

This morning at 10 am, our dear elder brother Rev. Leonard C. Wrice passed to the spirit world. Let's pray for his successful transition, for his wife and for his bereaved family. The details about his Seung hwa ceremony will be announced soon.

Rev. Leonard C. Wrice, Sr.

Rev. Wrice is a native of St. Louis Missouri, born to Cora Clay on October 30, 1936. Married to Earlice, his wife, for 45 wonderful and exciting years and produced four beautiful children, Linda, Leonard, Jr., Robin and Gregory. He is also a grandfather of seven dynamic grandchildren.

Leonard joined the Unification Church under the direction of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon in 1972. He and Earlice were blessed in Marriage in New York City on April 7, 1989, in the 138 couples blessing.

He was the president of the ICC in the state of Missouri in the 1980's. He has worked with many churches and organizations in the Missouri region. He became State Leader of Missouri in 1999.

He has served as a foreign missionary in Africa, Abidjan, on the Ivory Coast. Rev. Wrice has been actively involved in rebuilding the family and restoring the community since 1965. He has served on many committees including being the chairman of Murphy Blair Neighbor Advisory Council for 15 years; he's served two terms on the Mayor's Crime Commission Broad, being appointed by two different majors for the city of St. Louis.

Rev. Wrice was a counselor for "youth at risk" at the Covenant House of Missouri. He had one of the first meals program in North St. Louis, ?Share A Meal?(SAM) and ?Serving Our Own People? (SOOP). His philosophy was to serve the people with dignity and respect regardless of their personal situation. He has served on many boards and has been recognized for his genuine love and devotion for all peoples.

Rev. Wrice is was the director of the Family Federation For World Peace and Unification in the state of Missouri, assistant director of the American Clergy Leadership Conference, senior regional director of the Unification Church for the states of Iowa, Kansas and Missouri and is senior pastor of the Unification church here in St. Louis.

As State Leader, he successfully achieved the victory of True Parents visit to the City of St. Louis under the "We Will Stand" Campaign, March 28, 2001.

He was actively involved in tearing down the walls of division of the races, denomination and religions. He has received many awards and certificates of Appreciation from various organizations and groups, even the Nation of Islam has awarded him the Interfaith Award. He is a strong supporter and advocate of the successful marriages of couples. No adultery. No divorce, one husband, one wife.

He has been persecuted to the point of having someone spit in his face because of his love for True Parents. Under such persecution, his body has suffered much even unto the point of death.

Satan has tried many, many times to kill him. Hit by a bus twice, all of his ribs were broken, cancer of the back and later of the throat. He went to Chicago to a liberation ceremony where he was healed of throat cancer.

The one thing he wants everyone to know is that he loves God, True Parents, his family and humankind with all his heart and soul.

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