The Words of Young Oon Kim

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Cover and preface of the first Divine Principle translation into English by Young Oon Kim, with preface by Young Hwi Kim (September 1956 pdf)

Spiritual Association for The Unification of Christianity Monthly Newsletter (Young Oon Kim - Oct. 5, 1960 pdf)

Young Oon Kim and Her Members Move from Oakhill, Oregon to San Francisco (November 21, 1960 pdf)

40-Day Enlightenment Movement In Korea (September 15, 1962)

Children's Day (October 15, 1962)

Encouragement From Our Leader (April 15, 1963)

News from San Francisco (June 15, 1963)

Dr. Young Oon Kim's Testimony (August 23, 1963 - Sacramento, CA pdf)

Miss Young Oon Kim's Testimony Given at Sacramento 8-24-63 (Galen Pumphrey - August 24, 1963 pdf)

Suffering is a Privilege! (October 10, 1963)

Wisdom: Sober Judgment (November 10, 1963)

Leader's Day of All Things (July 1, 1964)

Report from England (July 6, 1965)

Essays - God, the Center and How Do I Know That God Exists (July 15, 1965)

Our Leader's Trip From Rome to Jordan (August 28, 1965)

Leader's Visit to the Holy Land (September 16, 1965)

Leader's Trip - Lebanon to Thailand (September 19, 1965)

Our Leader's Triumphant Return To Korea! (October 10, 1965)

Children's Day Message 1965 (October 23, 1965)

Message For 1966 (January 10, 1966)

Our Goals (March 1966)

Prayer (May 1966)

Our Personal God (August 1966)

Testimonial Evening (February 1967)

Parents' Day Message - 1967 (May 1967)

Young Oon Kim: The Leader Will Judge Us By The Preparation We Have For Him (Sylvia Rogndahl (Norton) - June 1967)

To Be a Religious Leader (August 27, 1967)

The Washington Center (January 1968)

Miss Kim Shares with Us (March 1967)

Letters From Vietnam (March 1968)

Leader’s Conditions (March 1968)

Dreams (April 1968)

Parents Day Sermon (June 1968)

Leadership (August 1968)

Answers to Questions on the Study Guide (September 1968)

God’s Day Message (January 1, 1969)

Miss Young Oon Kim's Words On Her Tenth Anniversary As Missionary To The USA (January 4, 1969)

Announcement Of Blessing (March 3, 1969)

An historical confrontation -- my testimony (January 1970)

God's Day Address (January 1, 1970)

Report from Seoul, Korea (April 1970)

Missionary Young Oon Kim returned to Korea (July 27, 1970)

Miss Young Oon Kim joins WACL (September 5, 1970)

President Eu Passes Away (October 1970)

Excerpts from a letter from Korea to the Washington DC Unified Family (December 2, 1970)

Children's Day Address (1971)

Miss Kim's Homecoming Talk (May 29, 1971)

Miss Young Oon Kim's Homecoming Talk (May 29, 1971 - From notes taken by Regis Hanna)

Calling for Unity (Young Oon Kim - October 6, 1971)

World Day Sermon (Young Oon Kim - May 3, 1973 pdf)

D. L. Moody Lay Evangelist (Young Oon Kim - November 1973 pdf)

A Personal God

The Heart Of God

The History of Reverend Sun Myung Moon

The Miracle of Easter: What Actually Happened?

The Miracle of Easter: What Actually Happened? (Different article, same title)

The Nicaean Controversy (Young Oon Kim - January 1976 pdf)

My Dream Concerning Seminary Education (Young Oon Kim - February 1977 pdf)

Four Tales a Sermon - Some Stories Handed Down By the Jewish Rabbis (Young Oon Kim - April 1977 pdf)

Emmanuel Swedenborg's Unique Theological Contributions (Young Oon Kim - December 1977 pdf)

The Hindu and His World (Young Oon Kim - February 1978 pdf)

Gautama Buddha (Young Oon Kim - March 1978 pdf)

My Path to Father (Young Oon Kim - September 1979 pdf)

Together as God's Helpers (Surah 3:52) first Muslim-Unificationist dialogue (December 1980)

The Life of Dr. Young Oon Kim - Unification Church Missionary to the USA (From an interview with Cheryl Smith - 1981 pdf)

The Reverend Sun Myung Moon I Know

The Unification Theology and Christian Thought - Part I

The Unification Theology and Christian Thought - Part II

Emanuel Swedenborg's Unique Theological Contribution

Speeches on Unification Teaching Part One (1986)

Speeches on Unification Teaching Part Two (1986)

True Father I Know - My Spiritual Pilgrimage Until Meeting True Father (Young Oon Kim - 1988 pdf)

Farewell Celebration for Dr. Young Oon Kim (February 23, 1988)

My Successful Search for God -- Part I: My Spiritual Pilgrimage (April 1988)

My Successful Search for God -- Part II -- My Encounter with Father: His Teaching and Person (May 1988)

Dr. Young Oon Kim – Memoriam (Farley Jones, Nora Spurgin, Therese Stewart, Carroll Ann Brooks, Thomas Selover, George and Sylvia Norton - December 1989)

Portland's Walk of the Heroines Honors Young Oon Kim (Stephanie Herremans - August 4, 2011 pdf)

Christology Today (Young Oon Kim - February 23, 2012)

Young Oon Kim (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - January 4, 2019 pdf)

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