Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Zin Moon Kim

Education and the Correct Tradition

Rev. Zin Moon Kim
Notes from July 19, 1992, Belvedere Sunday Sermon
And July 20, 1992 talk at Jacob House

I. The purpose, direction and content of education is sung sang. The method or technique is hyung sang. Sung sang is in the subject and causal position.

Sung sang begins with the question of purpose. Why do we need education? The answer must come from the Principle of Creation. The purpose of creation is the fulfillment of the three blessings. The result of the fulfillment of the the three blessings is joy and happiness.

1. The perfection of the individual. To accomplish this, we must know our origin, God. We are resultant beings, therefore without knowing our origin we cannot act properly. We may accomplish many things, but the result of our accomplishments will hurt us. America is a good example. America has great institutions, but America neglects God; therefore the great institutions cannot bring human happiness.

In the early years, Harvard College was mainly for the training of ministers, and most graduates were ministers. Gradually Harvard became secularized and today a very small percentage of graduates are ministers. Then Yale emerged to take the baton from Harvard, but Yale went through the same secularization. Only the Unification Church is teaching correctly about God. The first point about God is that externally, God is great, but internally God is suffering so much. God is suffering because His children do not follow Him.

2. The second blessing has to do with making a good family, which is the basic unit of society. Each member of the family has a unique position, and by the position that person's mission is determined. If we neglect this, then there will be unexpected bad results. For example, juvenile delinquency, homosexuality, etc. Positions include father, mother, husband, wife, brother, sister, elder child, younger child, and so forth. For example, a woman's first mission is to serve her father-in-law. Her second mission is serve her husband, and third is serve her children. If the chidren learn this at home, then when they go out into the world they will create a nice society automatically.

3. Because man has not fulfilled the first two blessings, everything we develop technologically creates problems, such as air pollution, or the danger of mass destruction. There is no dominion by love; it is only dominion by technique. This is like a high-rise building on soft ground.

Because of the deficiency in the first two blessings, with rare exceptions the more education a person has, the more damage that person will do. An uneducated person may kill one other person. A highly educated person can kill or hurt millions of people, and often such are lauded as heroes.

To accomplish the three blessings there is one simple method: live life for the sake of others.

Teachers must themselves be parents, especially the head teacher. A person without children can be an assistant teacher. This is because only through having one's own children can one learn the heart necessary to be a heartistic teacher.

The main purpose of education is to teach responsibility for the sake of developing the student's reason. Reason makes man different from the rest of the creation. Without responsibility, children become individualistic, lacking patience and self-control. In such a state they cannot overcome temptations such as drugs and sex. Responsibility is the qualification to enjoy freedom. Small children should be given a small responsibility. If they fulfill it, then they can be given small freedom. By giving freedom prematurely, parents fail their children. Small responsibility includes jobs such as putting away one's toys. First the parent does it together with the child. The child should be hugged and praised for helping. Then gradually the child can learn to do it alone. Again, for correct practice the child should be hugged and praised enthusiastically.

If the child refuses to follow, first the parent tries to persuade using soft words. If the child still refuses, then the parent should persuade and push using strong, loud words. If the child still refuses, then the parent must explain why the child should be spanked, and then spank the child on the posterior. Do not spank out of emotional impulse or anger. Spank in a very deliberate way so that the child understands what they did wrong and why they must be spanked.

Through responsibility, reason is developed. Reason includes the ability to foresee the implications of one's actions; also it includes the ability to understand the meaning of directions one receives.

II. The best educational method is to teach by example. For example, every morning and night the parents should kyung bae; even if their children are crying. God's Word (Divine Principle), God, True Parents and the Unification Church are more important than me or my children. Children must understand this. Therefore, let the children cry, and you kyung bae and pray. Gradually the children will stop crying, and come out to bother you, but keep praying. Gradually, after several days, they will sit beside you quietly, and start praying with you. This is teaching by example.

Adults also make many mistakes which children see. Therefore children might feel their parents are fake. Parents can confess their mistakes and sins to their children, according to the children's ability to understand. Parents can repent to their children. This is a foundation for the children to confess and repent to the parents, and determine, with their parents, to do better--not to make the same mistakes. The best way to grow is to self-criticize. It is much better to criticize oneself than to be criticized by others. If you self-criticize, then others can't criticize you.

The entire family including infants in arms should attend Pledge service. This is the True Family standard.

III. Teach Father's internal tradition. The external tradition should follow upon this internal tradition. The internal tradition is the important part.

1. Serving others by my tears, blood and sweat.

2. Serve others as their slave or servant, with a parental, sacrificial heart.

3. Live life for the sake of others. This means that children should understand what is the source of their happiness. Children just want to enjoy happiness--this is a child's nature. But they must learn that their happiness comes as the result of their parents' sacrificial suffering.

4. Follow the hierarchical system at home. This refers to the fulfillment of the second blessing (above [I], 2).

Members complain sometimes that each leader has a different idea of the correct tradition. This complaint reveals that the member is only thinking on the level of the external tradition. External tradition depends upon the leader's emphasis; internal tradition is always the same.

Internal tradition has to do with the "why" of our external tradition. External tradition refers to points such as how many times we kyung-bae (bow) during pledge service. Those who make such complaint don't understand the internal tradition, which is the correct tradition of which I want to speak.

The origin of tradition is God. We can't see God; God has no shape. We only can feel God. Tradition is the visible practice and shape of the invisible God. The first revelation of the complete practice and shape of God is the True Parents. The True Parents are the first to practice the heavenly tradition visibly in this world.

The first three points of the internal tradition are strongly anti-individualism. The common purpose which we all share must come first; individual purpose follows behind. But most Americans put their individual purpose first. Therefore the nation is falling apart. Even members in America who have gone to their hometowns as tribal messiahs often become individualized, pursuing their own economic well-being and not having any contact with the church. This is not Father's idea at all. Father's direction is that tribal messiahs in their hometowns must make an association under the State Leader and work for the public purpose.

In the ideal world, what is public occupies 95% and what is private occupies 5%. However, in the indemnity course, what is public occupies almost 100% of our concern. However, the American ethos is that "ours" is less than "mine." Americans always say, "my country," not "our country." We should emphasize the public over the private.

IV. During July the elders of the True Family mobilized and gave public speeches throughout Korea. It was very hot, and because of government restrictions due to the cost of oil there was no air conditioning in any of the halls. Everyday the True Family was sweating profusely and giving speeches. Then Father would go in the evening and match people until the middle of the night. Father never would sit down. He is 72 years old, and his legs appeared nearly paralyzed. Everyone else wanted to take a break, but Father would not stop, because it is his mission to match people. Father suffered so much to make the matchings, but no one who received their match thought to thank Father. Everyone only feels happy if they like their spouse, or complains if they don't. Everyone thinks of themselves first, never of Father. Truly, little children never think of their parents' suffering, only of their own happiness or unhappiness. We really need to repent.

The condition to be matched is, "if I am matched, I will sacrificially serve my spouse." Father rejected many photos from America, because he can see their motivation. In the tradition of life for the sake of others, my spouse is the first "other."

V. The method to practice the four kinds of tradition through education are:

1. Everyday receive the bitter medicine of God's Word. For fallen people, God's Word is bitter medicine, because it is the standard by which we are judged.

2. Self-denial of our satanic (selfish) nature.

Without these two practices, we cannot be restored. It is very painful and difficult to cure a 6,000 year old disease. It takes three generations at least, to purify the human condition. If we practice Principle, fulfilling our responsibility, then we may reach the ideal by the third generation.

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