Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Zin Moon Kim

Zin Moon Kim, Dawning of the Completed Testament Era

by Tyler Hendricks

This is a report on the Region 11 Leaders' Meeting, which took place February 1, 1993 at 43rd Street. In the meeting, Rev. Zin Moon Kim summarized Father's words given at leaders' meetings January 29 and 30. I also include material from the 43rd Street members' meeting last November, which helps for clarification.

I. Starting the Completed Testament Era and the New Family.

1) The OT Era is the age represented by elder people, centering on grandparents. The purpose is to restore fallen Adam.

2) The NT Era is the age represented by youth, centering on parents. The purpose is to restore fallen Adam's family.

3) The CT Era is the age represented by teenagers, centering on teenagers. The purpose is to restore fallen Adam's nation and world.

"The core providence is to restore families, centering on the mother. The mother and children unite to restore the father, and thus the entire family is restored. The school which teaches this is the "House of Unification for World Peace". Finally, centering on the restored fathers, we create the" Family Party of Unification for World Peace." Political parties should cooperate with each other."

"For the first time in history, people can join the providential religion without leaving home. In line with this, if you have no special mission elsewhere, you should go to your hometown. Tribal Messiahship is Jesus' mission; WFWP is the Holy Spirit's mission. Through these two missions, we can be reborn. Therefore, everyone should participate."

4) Completion Era of the New Family. Fulfillment of the three great kingships and four great realms of heart. A family completely united with the True Family is a new family.

5) Completion Era of the New Tribe. This is grassroots Tribal Messiahship.

6) Completion Age of the New Nation. Everyone is equally heartistically rich, even if there are variations of external wealth according to position, temperament, effort.

7) Completion Age of the New World.

8) Completion Age of the New Cosmos. On every level from God to your family, everything is interacting harmoniously.

II. The New Family and the Unification of the Fatherland

1) Unity of mind and body. Mind and body unity refers to unity of the spirit mind and physical mind. On the level of society and nation, the ministry of religion and education is more important than the ministry of the economy. If the ministry of economy is put in a higher position, the country has no future.

2) Unity of husband and wife. Don't have children by accident, without purpose. If you do, the child will lack a purpose to live. Prepare to have a child; make the concentration of your conscience.

3) Unity of the family. If you don't accomplish this unity on earth, you will be separated in spirit world. The Blessing does not guarantee family unity in the spirit world.

4) Unification of the tribe (crossing three generations).

5) Unification of the race.

6) Unification of the nation.

7) Unification of the world.

8) Unification of the cosmos.

9) The unification of God refers to the liberation of God from His divided mind, divided between sorrow over the suffering of hell and joy over the True Parents' victory.

"If we do all of this, then mine is a new family. All such families united together comprise the unified fatherland. All levels of unification follow from the four great realms of heart and three great kingships."

III. Realm of the New, Unified Tradition.

The method to practice the tradition may vary, leader by leader. Each person likes to be a little different; this is the meaning of unique value. The "how" is of secondary importance; the "why" is the real tradition. "Know-why" is far more important than "know-how." Our core tradition is "life for the sake of others." This is the "why."

1) Change of lineage, centering on True Love. This happens as a result of Father's sacrifice and crucifixion, which was for your sake. If you comprehend this, you will be speechless. If we keep the husband/wife moral principle intact, we will not need any other laws.

2) Change of ownership, centering on True Love. Everything is God's and mine; therefore, I cannot use it just according to my own desires.

3) Change of the realm of heart.

4) Forming a world of one cultural realm. For example: children serving parents is universal; hence it is part of the one cultural realm. But the "how" children serve parents may vary.

5) A peaceful world.

6) Heavenly kingdom on earth and in heaven.

IV. Confrontation of the absolute satanic age and the absolute heavenly age.

This means we are in the era of the complete manifestation of the satanic tradition and the complete manifestation of the heavenly tradition. The representative nation of this phenomenon is the United States.

1) Exact 180 degrees opposition of God's sovereignty and Satan's sovereignty.

2) Our job is to expel Satan, beginning with the individual, by mind/body unity. Therefore, self-chastisement: cold showers, fasting, prayer.

3) Expel Satan from the family.

4) Expel Satan from the tribe.

5) Expel Satan from the race.

6) Expel Satan from the nation.

7) Expel Satan from the world.

8) Expel Satan from heaven and earth.

V. Age for the solution of family problems and national problems.

Among family problems, the problems of teenagers are the most serious. Among national problems, worldwide problems are the most serious.

1) Unity of the brothers and sisters, centered on the mother.

2) Unity with the mother, and salvation of the father.

3) Parents and children unite for family unification.

4) Tribal Messiahship.

5) National Messiahship.

6) World Messiahship.

7) Restoration of ancestors.

8) Restoration of hometown.

9) Liberation of God.


Until now, the providential path has demanded departure from the world, family, parents, husband and wife, and brothers and sisters. You had to depart in order to win against Satan. Now conditions are set for you can return to your hometown to restore all of this. You can't go to your hometown thinking everything is finished. You have eight levels. Without a battle, without a fight, you cannot go to the next level. You must subjugate Cain in Satan's world, level by level. Cain must voluntarily place you in the elder position and follow you. After victory in Satan's realm, then return to hometown and settle, centering on God, on the individual, family, society, nation, world and cosmic levels. You will be erecting the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven.

It is very complicated, so all you need to do is follow Father. By simple obedience to Father, the path is very clear.

Elder sonship, parentship, kingship and royal familyship are categories included in the Principle of Restoration. Childship, parentship and grandparentship are included within the Principle of Creation.

Three stages: Environment-->Subject-Object-->Reciprocation. The subject creates the environment in which subject and object can unite; then reciprocal relationship takes place. This applies both to Principle of Creation and Principle of Restoration.


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