Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Zin Moon Kim

The Declaration of God's Eternal Blessing

Jorg Heller's notes (as he heard it) of Rev. Zin Moon Kim's Testimony in Belvedere July 21st 1991 on Father's Speech on July 1, 1991 in Korea.

Father called Rev. Kim on June 28th to come to Korea. He did not know why he was called. Only when he saw Father and Mother in special ceremonial gowns and the big offering table in Father's (Han Nam Dong) House did he begin to understand that something special was going on. The ceremony for "The Declaration of God's Eternal Blessing" was taking place.

Many Korean leaders were present as well as 40 Japanese leaders. Rev. Zin Moon Kim had been invited as the American representative.

This ceremony was different from the previous ceremonies for Holy Days. Usually Father has one representative bow for a nation or a group of people. This time Father had three representatives bow for each group or nation important to Gods providence.

Three people each represented the following eleven categories:

1 . The Free World
2. The Communist World
3. The Religious Sphere
4. The Political Sphere
5. The Restoration of the Elder Sonship
6. The Restoration of True Parentship
7. The Restoration of True Kingship
8. The Restoration of The Original Nature
9. The Restoration of The Heartistic Realm
10. The Recognition of The Total Liberation of the Sphere of Cain
11. The Authority of Total Unification and The Restoration of the World

This conditional ceremony represents a base which the spirit world can use to help you. Do not hesitate to do anything the spirit world is very eager to help you. Through the help of the spirit world and your activities, many miracles can happen. We suffered much in the last 6 month's, especially financially. Now the we passed the number 6 and the lucky 7 will begin. From July l, 1991 to the end of the year we can resolve anything if we don't complain. We must make the proper conditions, without conditions the world can not be restored.

We are adults now and must take responsibility as adults. We can no longer lean on God. We must be grown up enough to allow God and True Parent to lean on us. This is our mission. We must lift up God and True Parents. If we have guts we will have a "light" life.

Everything must come under God's ownership. If we can't pay the indemnity to do that, our children will have to pay the price.

Satan is now like a lion with no teeth and no claws. Do not be afraid to tackle the biggest Satan. He will retreat if you have guts. God has blessed us but if we do not use the blessing He can not give it to us.

Father' seven point direction

I. We should erase the gap between the Eastern and Western Cultures and the Democratic and Communist Worlds.

II. The Unification of North and South Korea.

1. We must unite the big countries USA, USSR, China and Japan.
2. We must mobilize those four countries to influence Kim Il Sung
3. We must prepare to invite Kim Il Sung to the USA.
4. We must create unity between the Communist World and the Democratic World and convince political leaders to follow a righteous direction and create the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

III. The Hope of the World is Godism (Headwing)

1. We must restore Home Town and establish the elder Sonship Position.
2. We must complete our Tribal Messiah responsibility to establish True Parentship.
3. We must establish True Kingship authority in Heaven and on Earth.

IV. We must attend True Parents and make a One World Nation. Every home should display the picture of True Parents.

V. Centering on True Love we must build a True World.

VI. We must encourage even Satan to help God's Providence.

VII. We must restore Heavenly Tradition in the spirit world and on this earth.

Rev. Kim's remarks:

I have the nickname Bitter Medicine, but I give you bitter medicine only because I love you.

If you come to receive only, you will not gain much. You exist for the world and thus you must contribute everywhere you go. When you go to hear a sermon or a speech, you have two purposes.

1. A subjective purpose ... to hear the speech and learn from it.
2. An objective purpose ... to encourage and inspire other's.

At the beginning of this year Father asked Japanese leaders to raise 1 Million Yen ($660,000) and witness to 120 people by the end of June. 18 leaders succeeded in fulfilling that direction. Father held a meeting with them in Kodiak. (They were there for eight days) But all He was doing was scolding them. They really brought big results but still Father scolded them. They all worked like crazy and went almost without sleep.

There are people who have great results in the Church. Those who have greater results must be respect by those who could not bring much result. You must respect the Japanese members or you will be severely judged. They work very hard while you have an easier time (work in your air conditioned offices etc).

We are soldiers who are fighting a war. We can not settle in one place until the Kingdom of Heaven has been established. We must establish Heavenly Tradition in America. The tradition of the early Pilgrims was very close to Heavenly Tradition, but now America is far distant from that tradition.

If you have a position, you have that position for the sake of the Providence only, not for your own dignity.

I went fishing with Father and found it very difficult to keep up with him. My mind is willing but my body can't take it, I am 54 years old now. It is more difficult to work hard when you are old. So please work hard while you are still young.

Our church resembles too much the established Christian Churches. The Church leaders of the established Churches just sit back and waits for the congregation to support him. This is not acceptable, we must not go that way.

From July Satan will go down very quickly if we fulfill our 5% responsibility. Everything belongs to God. We must have the confidence that we can take away from Satan and return things to God. Our life must become different. We must change our ways from the past and become new people. Please have guts.

Many say there is no time to do Tribal Messiah work. Please make a good problem. Go to your Home Church area at midnight and lecture at the top of your voice. People will get angry and even call the police. You can explain that you have invited many people to lectures but no one came. You want to give them the solution to all the worlds problems etc. When the police takes you away, you can lecture the police at the precinct.

This is a very unusual procedure. True Parents and Divine Principle are very unusual. We must be even more unusual than True Parents. Father is still going the indemnity course even though His own IC is finished. He is doing this for us. With all the conditions Father has now set up, everything can now easily be accomplished.

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