Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Zin Moon Kim

Notes from the Tuesday Morning Tribal Messiah Meeting (7/23/91)

Rev. Zin Moon Kim

Jorg Heller's notes (as he heard it) of the Tuesday morning meeting, July 23, 1991.

I need an assistant to help me with all of my responsibilities. Talked to Father about it. Rev. Wayne Miller will assist me. No title, just more responsibility. He will be doing the mission of a regional coordinator.

There is an elderly lady guest at East Garden. She is 83 years old. Father told her if you rest, you will very quickly die. She used to be a politician before the Church and a long time VOC leader in the Church. Her 4th daughter is one of the 36 couples. I will arrange for her to give testimony one day.

On Prayer

The content of your prayers is much too simple and must become more internal. The internal providence is very complicated, our prayers must reflect that.

Prayer has two main purposes:

I. To console God

The essence of that prayer is repentance and internal determination to bring victory.

II. Pray for special projects

Pray in a very organized way. From the bigger to the smaller. A concrete prayer is better than an abstract prayer.

The Russian Providence, The Ocean Church Providence (to resolve world hunger and starvation. In Alaska more fish die naturally than are caught by all the fishermen put together.

Pray for:

The 40 day witnessing condition. True Parents family on earth and in the spirit world.

Providential countries:

Korea (unification of north and south).

Japan (must respect them for their hard work and good results).

USA (must understand Gods heart. We like freedom but not responsibility. That is a big problem. We do not need freedom, only responsibility).

European Countries: Germany, Britan, France, Italy and now also Russia and China. (There will be a Summit Conference in Peking)

Missionaries in the third world countries. One American, Japanese and German was sent to Africa. 99% of the Japanese survived, 66% of the German's survived but only 1% of the American's survived (stayed the full term). With such a standard American's will become servants to other nations. This should never happen.

Prayer for Special Leaders:

Rev. Won Pil Kim, Rev. Young Whi Kim, Rev. Baughman, Rev. Spurgin, Rev. Hendricks, Dr. Pak, Dr. Sook, USA Regional leaders, Japanese leaders, Rev. Kamiyama, Mr. Furuta.

My Trinity

I have 18 people in my Trinity. Three couples with four children each. We must make unity with our Trinities or we can't go to Heaven. We are not so serious with our Trinities here in America. This is a big problem, please make an effort.

We have a "hesitation problem". Please do not hesitate, the Spirit World is strongly waiting for you to act. There will be no persecution and rejection. One regional leader in Korea made a 120 day condition to put 120 pictures of True Parents in peoples homes. He went to the governor first after he hesitated for three days. The governor is not a member but he took two pictures, one for his office and one for his home. He did that because he believes that Father is a good patriot. 123 homes accepted pictures of True Parents from this regional leader.

True Parents pictures are protection for each home similar to the blood of the lamb at the door posts of the Israelites in Egypt (Passover). The Jews went to Europe to be educated about Jesus and Christianity. However, they got involved in financial matters and thus God had no way to protect them.

If we make the same mistake, we will meet the same fate. Our responsibility is Tribal Messiahship. With strong guts we can be victorious. The sex problem is worse in the USA than it was in Rome. Only if we fulfill our Tribal Messiahship responsibility will we resolve the problem.

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