Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Zin Moon Kim

Rev. Zin Moon Kim's Message to European Members

Tim Miller
June 1, 2001

Dear Leaders,

On May 4th Rev. Zin Moon Kim departed for New York at True Parents’ request. He will remain in the USA for some three months. Before he left he asked me to convey a message to European members. This message is the result of his efforts to understand the situation of our European Movement through his I.W. work over the past months, and an expression of his heart and concern for our European Blessed Families.

I want to ask National Leaders to pay particular attention to this message and to find many ways to pass this content to members in your nations. First Rev. Kim asked me to refer to Divine Principle and Father’s words as a basis for his message.

Every existing being consists of two aspects : Sung Sang and Hyung Sang. Likewise every being has dual purposes. The Sung Sang purpose is the purpose for the whole and the Hyung Sang purpose is the individual purpose….. Man’s individual purpose is to preserve and maintain his existence. On the other hand he has a whole-oriented purpose of life – to make a certain contribution to his family, society, and nation as a member of these bodies. (Outline of The Principle Level 4, page 26)

If you live for the sake of others, you will be able to overcome all laws, while living for your own sake will make you stumble everywhere... Hence, understanding this, you should establish from your own self a family tradition of living for the sake of others. (Declaration of Family Kingship, True Children’s Day 2000, Today’s World Nov./Dec. 2000, page 6.)

When travelling in Europe Rev. Kim was very saddened to see some Blessed Families suffering from financial problems, children problems and conjugal problems. He wants to give them guidance, which will help them to overcome these problems, or prevent them from occurring. In particular he referred to the fundamental principle that the individual should live for the family, the family for the church, the church for the nation, the nation for the world, the world for the cosmos, the cosmos for God and God for us (humankind).

If this principle is violated there will be a lot of suffering. The family should live for the ‘Church’ in the sense that it should support God’s providence through our Movement. Our Church (Movement) should in turn live for the sake of the society, nation and world.

For example Blessed families went to their hometowns to serve others and should maintain the attitude to serve the community. Also our National Headquarters should have a plan to establish projects, which serve the nation. If they do not we will inevitably continue to suffer under persecution.

If we violate this principle it makes a condition to be invaded by Satan. When True Father explained that this is the age of no indemnity, the meaning is that in the past there would be a time period in which indemnity could be paid. However now, when we do good, we will get a good result very quickly, and when we do something that violates the principle problems will come very quickly.

We can have evidence that Satan is present when we notice that we are dominated by complaint, anger, blame, or resentment. God’s nature never displays such attitudes. When God is present we will find gratitude, forgiveness, love of enemy and a sense of taking responsibility. If I am living life for myself it is a big problem. Similarly if a family is living only for the family it is a problem. The Blessed Family should live for the ‘Church’ and the ‘Church’ should live for the nation.

I have tried to faithfully convey the essence of Rev. Zin Moon Kim’s message. It is very simple, but also very fundamental. It is also very much from his fatherly heart, stimulated by his sense that our families are suffering or in danger of suffering. He wants to stir those who are not publicly involved to rise from their ‘hibernation’ and to challenge our National Headquarters to serve the nation more effectively.

Please use your own responsibility to convey this message in a way that is most effective in your nation.

Yours sincerely
Tim Miller
FFWPU Vice-President

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