Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Zin Moon Kim

Ideal World and Western Liberalism

By Rev. Zin Moon Kim

The more the ideal human society is similar with the various social systems of organization, the better for a human being's happy life. The main content of the human mind is the original conscience centered on the mind which feels joy through giving, and the human body is the system of vertical order centered on the head.

That is, even though the head is located absolutely on top of the human body, it exists for human body. The human body is supported by its absolute obedience to the orders of the head. The human body, centered on the head, is connected with the original conscience as its subject. It absolutely obeys the original conscience as its object. Its original conscience serves the human body without limit.

Therefore, in the ideal system of country:

1. There should be a national founding ideology or national spirit which is similar with the absolute original conscience of joyful love coming from giving, based on the vertical standard.

2. There should be a government which is similar with the head, following the original conscience, centered on the absolute and vertical standard.

3. There should be a people, similar with the body, obeying the head as above mentioned.

Therefore, to have a good founding ideology, we should first develop the ideology of love (God's true love) to give absolutely and vertically. The standard of value of "I and marriage" should be clearly recorded in this ideology, because I and family are the base of country. For this, we should logically understand our Creator, God and His purpose of creation of man and universe.

Western democracy from the viewpoint of the ideal world

Simply speaking, Western democracy was made by white people's negative motivation to repulse the bad monarchical system of the country. Therefore, it has no affirmative motivation and is not universal--that is, it is a purely Western system of politics, neglecting the Orient-- birthplace of the major religions which are the center of human culture. Accordingly, in Western democracy, there is no absolute, vertical and giving love -ideology, but it is based on an individual- centered taking love- ideology. Therefore, it is not for the harmony of people and government but to hold each other in check.

Therefore, the longer the history of Western democracy, the more serious contradiction it will have.

1. It became for the individual, not for the people.

2. It advocates equality before laws, but because the lawmakers are imperfect people, it has not been realized .

3. It became centered on white Western people only.

4. Its economical system, capitalism, shows great gaps between the rich and the poor.

5. Because of individualism, from family to world, so many kinds of moral and ethical problems occur. 6. Many kinds of complaint, disharmony and lawsuits, centering on private benefit occur.

7. Society becomes one in which the small uses the great for the small one's sake. For example, the political party is using the country for the party's sake and a country is using UN for the country's sake. Therefore, the purpose of the great cannot be accomplished.

Today, all of these kinds of demerits are gradually sweeping over the whole world, because this kind of Western democracy is controlling the whole world. Communism, centered on body which does not fit with man who also has a mind, has already collapsed, but Western originated democracy, centered imperfectly on the mind, still does not sincerely understand its own contradictory points, and pushed people into ruin.

Neither body nor mind is the vertical cause, but they are horizontal results. Therefore, we should find out the vertical cause of absolute giving-love, know its purpose of creation and have horizontal harmony based on that purpose.

Good monarchical system is better than democracy, which is testified to by history, especially in the moral and ethical status of people, because the vertical standard still exists in the monarchical society and not in the democratic society. Today's contradiction in democracy and capitalism centered on democracy, comes from the collapse of the vertical and horizontal morality and ethics in the family . We cannot become the bad fathers and mothers who bequeath this kind of society to our beloved descendants. Therefore, unless we establish righteous family ethics, both democracy and capitalism will finally go to ruin and we will become bad ancestors. All politicians and educators, as well as businessmen, should surely understand this righteous family ethics, based on which they can do their jobs properly. Family is the first educational institute for human beings. The family education in man's young age absolutely influences his whole life.

Our Effort and the Ideal World

Everyone without exception wants to lead a life in the happy, ideal world. This is not a vain dream, but is the world we can make.

To create this happy ideal world.

First, we should find out, follow (politics) and attend (family) the person (politically he is the Messiah, but True Parent in the family) who is completely familiar with God, the vertical standard, has providential position and is heartistic substance (absolutely for others).

Second, to do this, we should clearly understand God's principle of creation; the meaning, motivation and results of the human fall; and God's principle of restoration in which we can feel His blood, tears and sweat in trying to find His missing children through so long a period-principle of unification.

Third, we should clearly understand the new system of ideology which criticizes and give the counterproposal to all the traditional teachings based on the principle of unification.-Unification Thought.

Principle of Unification and Unification Thought

Roughly divided, the principle of unification consists of three parts.

1. The Principle of Creation. a. God's dual characteristics and their similarity, the creation. b. Basic creation energy and its action. c. Purpose of creation. d. Original value of creation e. Growth and its period of creation, and man's responsibility. f. Spirit world and physical world. 2) The Fall of Man a. The root of sin b. Motivation and fallen nature of the fall. c. Principle and responsibility, love and freedom. d. The reason why God did not intervene with man's fall. 3) The Principles of Restoration a. Restoration of heart. b. Formula of providential historic significance, purpose, direction and development, etc. c. Restoration of indemnity. d. Consummation of history. e. Resurrection f. Trinity and rebirth. g. The Lord of the Second Coming.

On the base of this principle of unification, unification thought is established. It contains thirteen chapters. We can surely solve all kinds of social problems by this.

1. The theory of the Original Image: It clarifies the attributes of God who is the creator and cause of all creation.

2. Ontology: It clarifies how the creation is similar with God.

3. The theory of original human nature: It clarifies the original standard pattern of human being.

4. Methodology: From the viewpoint of unification principle, it clarifies the method to study the truth.

5. Epistemology: It solves the unsolved points in traditional epistemology, and overcomes communistic epistemology.

6. Axiology: It clarifies the true view of value and its standard.

7. Logic: From the viewpoint of unification principle, it clarifies the principles and forms of thinking.

8. Ethics: It clarifies the ethics to realize the love of life for others.

9. The theory of art: Based on the unification principle, it clarifies the significance and mission for art.

10. The theory of education: By the unification principle, it clarifies the significance, purpose and goal of education.

11. The theory of history: It clarifies the purpose, direction and laws to develop history.

12. Economics: It solves the problems of capitalism by the clarification of the origin of "mine" and that "mine" is also "ours."

13. Politics: It clarifies that the true country should have the system and contents of family.

(These last two theories are still not published.)

Conclusion Because today's democracy and capitalism is based on the nearsighted individualistic and materialistic life, it makes people have eternal regret. Therefore, for our descendants to have an eternal happy life on earth and for us to have an eternal happy life in the spirit world, we should deeply understand the principle of unification and unification thought, on the basis of which we should attend the Messiah, True Parents and establish the ideal world.

Because these principle of unification and unification thought are really original theories, they are developed deductively. Therefore, we should affirmatively approach these to understand them properly.

If you contact the Unification Church, you can get the Divine Principle for the principle of unification and the book of Unification Thought.

Let's establish the ideal world through studying these two heavenly theories.

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