Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Zin Moon Kim

Godism and Democracy

Rev. Zin Moon Kim

Because of the selfish play of Lucifer and Eve, humankind has become a fallen descendant who has disunity of mind and body. Because Cain who is the first human descendant killed his younger brother Abel, God's tearful and patient providence of restoration, based on the principle of restoration of indemnity and of Cain-Abel, has run after Satan and widened its range.

Even though many people do not understand it, Godism clearly says that today's democracy and communism have their roots systematically in the human mind and body and externally come from Cain and Abel.

Mind and body are two constituents of one man, and Cain and Abel are two children of the one set of parents-Adam and Eve. This one man and one set of parents have the same common cause-God, the Creator. Therefore, all kinds of difficult problems in this fallen world can be solved only by clearly understanding God. There are many other kinds of solutions, but they are limited by time and space, therefore, they are not the real solution.

All problems in democratic society can only be solved by Godism. Many believe that democracy is good, but communism is wrong. Speaking based on the comparison of the latter with the former, I also agree with that belief. The question is "Are not there really fundamental problems in democracy?" As we know well, communism is an ideology, but it contains many weak points, of which it has repented and almost all of communism has now disappeared. Even though democracy is not an ideology, but a governmental system and contains many fundamental problem points, many people do not understand it. In addition to that, democracy never repents, but grows by instigation. Its problems become more serious, qualitatively and quantitatively.

From now on, I will mention the weak points of democracy and introduce Godism to evaluate democracy and to present a counterproposal to it.

First, the ideological background of democracy is either weaker than that of communism or similar. Therefore, as communism is a problem, so is democracy. Democracy has a background of idealism and communism, of materialism. The question is that they do not understand that they have contradictions. "Is spirit the cause of matter or matter the cause of spirit?" This question has never been solved historically. Religions are also inclining to the side of idealism, which makes another serious problem. For this question, Godism says very clearly. God as the First Cause first conceives, then by this conception (Logos) He created things and beings. Therefore, conception (idealism) and things and beings (materialism) are not causes, but results. The relation of spirit and matter is not that of cause and result, but that of first and next to be created. By this, the horizontal struggle between idealism and materialism is clearly solved. All the problems in democracy also can be solved by this. Generally, politicians neglect this kind of thing because of their avarice of power.

Second, democracy started destructively and negatively. We know well that democracy in England and France started rebelliously and negatively against dictatorial monarchs. Therefore, there are many occasions of bloody revolution in democratic history. Even though it is a little bit slow, God's method of revolution is affirmative and constructive, so that there is no repulsion and bloodshed. Today's democracy produces problem lawyers who like money too much, because it lets people have many excuses, repulsion and complaints. Godism says, "Forgive, love and unite. It is only unique ultimate solution." Third, democracy is very self-centered. It is not for the people, but for the individual, which is well testified in today's Western world. However loudly we shout about human dignity, it will never be accomplished under the condition of individualism. Individualism centers on an individual, is not God-centered. Unless we understand God the Creator, we cannot understand man, even though man is a result of God's creation. Why should human beings be respected? Why should human beings be equal? Many of these types of questions cannot fundamentally be solved without understanding Godism. Godism says as follows: because every individual human being is a specialized being of God's universality, they must be respected as God must be respected. Because every human being is God's child and is loved by God, the Parent of human beings, each human being is equal.

Fourth, because Western democracy started without understanding the Oriental spiritual culture, it neglects the cultures of yellow and black people. Therefore, in Western democratic society, there flows always a current of racial discrimination by whites. If we plant this kind of democracy in the soil of Africa and Asia, it is very difficult to sprout. Instead, it stimulates the avarice of political power and then instigates radical revolutions. Godism advocates the culture of Adam-Eve, the first ancestors of human beings, which is the heart- culture of one great world family. Therefore, there will not be any bloody revolution.

Fifth, democracy is too horizontal, so there is no eternal standard for human happy life. The relations between God-man and parent- children are the fundamental relationship in human society, and these are vertical. The vertical relationship is the standard by which harmonious horizontal relationships can be accomplished. For example, because self-matching marriages are made by horizontal relations between bride and bridegroom, without their parents' opinion (vertical relation), there are many divorce cases.

Sixth, democracy looks mind-centered, but it actually centers on the body, centers on material and centers on money. Because the mind is subject and the body is object, the order of subject and object are reversed; therefore, today's democratic society becomes a matter- centered society and a materialist society, which is another kind of communism. Though mind must be center of human life, the body becomes center of it, in real human life. In this manner so many kinds of problems take place because of money. To solve this problem, we must introduce Godism into our life. Though we need money, the purpose based on mind, heart and for the next life must be established first. Otherwise, the money we have surely will let us be in pain. Today's democratic society is so much like that. This kind of society is the world of antinomy. Without Godism, we cannot solve this antinomy.

Seventh, because democracy has kicked out monarchy and created a world without parents, it is a fraternal ideology, an orphan ideology. As the best happiness comes from the family in which there are family members centering on parents, so the best world peace comes from the world family centering on one True Parents. Look at today's democratic society. Because there are no True Parents, the number of so-called "nuclear" families and "broken families" have increased. Godism surely says that one great world family centering on True Parents can make all humankind happy for eternity.

Last, because of individualism in democratic society, the whole is apt to be neglected. Almost all people in a democratic society think that the individual does not exist for the nation, instead the nation exists for the individual. There is no nation in an individual, but there are many individuals in a nation. Man (the whole) does not exist for an eye (individual), but the eye exists for the man. Of course, these two exist for each other, but if we think of the order, the whole is first and the individual is last. Let's ask our conscience, which is better than the other: The whole family sacrifices for a member of the family or a member of the family sacrifices for the whole family. A child of filial piety is the one who sacrifices for his parents who are the center and subject of the family, a patriot is the one who sacrifices his family for his nation, a saint is the one who sacrifices his nation for the world, and a holy child is the one who sacrifices the world for God. Why do we have religion? Those who lead a religious life for themselves will go to hell, but those who lead a religious life to accomplish the original purpose of religion, which is advocated by the Founder of religion will go into the heavenly kingdom. This is the very shouting of Jesus, Buddha, Confucius and Mohammed. Look at today's United Nations. As we know well, its goal is world peace, but it cannot accomplish its goal. Why? Because every member country of the United Nations does not want to sacrifice itself for world peace, but want to let the United Nations sacrifice for the individual nation. Because every country is self- centered, not whole-centered.

In conclusion, we should not accept democracy without rational criticism. It is not too much to say that all types of today's social problems originated from the weak points of democracy. Because democracy has above-mentioned fundamental problems, the longer democratic society lasts, the more suffering human beings shall have. The word of Godism, "Life for others," is the only one that can save human beings from such suffering. In conclusion, there is one thing which we cannot omit, "The one who advocates the logical, rational and original divine humanistic ideology, Godism, is the Messiah and the True Parents for all humankind." Without this person, there cannot be the true peace and true happiness in the world.

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