Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Zin Moon Kim

The Four Great Realms of Heart and Three Great Kingships

The chart looks like a flat circle, but in reality it is a ball, a sphere. The upper hemisphere represents the spiritual world and the lower one the physical world. And the center (parental position) is the micro-cosmos of the totality of four realms of heart.

"This is a summary of Reverend Moon's teachings prepared by Rev. Zin Moon Kim ."

One of the most important contents of the True Parents' Words is the elucidation of "the Four Great Realms of Heart" and "the Three Great Kingships". I want to explain this briefly in outline style.

Ideal individuals can make ideal families, by which the ideal nation and world can be made. To accomplish this, the True Parents explain the significance of the ideal family through the analysis of the Four Great Realms of Heart and Three Great Kingships.

The ideal family is the small "field" comprising the total virtue of Heaven, earth and human beings, the small world of True Love, and the model of the ideal world.

  1. The Three Great Kingships are vertically-oriented.
  2. (1) Children's kingship: children represent the future.

    (2) Parents' kingship: parents represent the present.

    (3) Grandparents' kingship: grandparents represent the past, spiritual world and God.

  3. The Four Great Heart Realms are horizontal.
  1. Ch: Children's Heart Realm: Children's love Children's responsibility Special education for children

(2) Brotherly, Sisterly Heart Realm: Brother-sister love Brother-sister responsibility Special education for brother and sister This realm includes the Children's Heart Realm.

  1. H-W: Husband-Wife Heart Realm: Conjugal love Conjugal responsibility Special education for husband and wife This realm includes the Children's and Brotherly-Sisterly Heart Realms

(4) P: Parental Heart Realm: Parental love Parental responsibility Special education for parents This realm includes the Children's, Brotherly-Sisterly, and Husband-Wife Heart Realms

Therefore, parents are the total image of the entire family and are the center of the family. To a wife, her husband has the positions of her younger and elder brother, her husband and her father. To a husband, his wife has the positions of his younger and elder sister, his wife and his mother. In the spirit world, a husband can see the image of his wife when she was a baby girl, a girl, a wife and a mother. Likewise, a wife can see the image of her husband when he was a baby boy, a boy, a husband and a father.

  1. The main contents of the heavenly educational textbooks.
  1. For children
  1. Through vertical unity with their parents, children can be helpful for God's love, parental love, conjugal love, and brotherly-sisterly love.
  2. To let children have concern for an dialogue with things, people and issues greater than themselves.
  3. To let them treat others' (things, people, issues) as their own.
  4. To let children understand that they are the foundation of the family.
  1. For brothers and sisters
  1. To totally explain parental love, conjugal love and children's love.
  2. To let them embrace all human beings as their own brothers and sisters.
  3. To let them understand that they are the representatives of the entire horizontal world.
  4. To let them cherish the life of giving and the life for the sake of others (the more they give, the more they nicely grow).
  5. To let them horizontally grow and prepare to be the spouse of another.
  1. For husband and wife
  1. To let them understand that conjugal love is the second stage of three kings of love:
  1. children's love
  2. conjugal love
  3. parental love (the three cannot be practiced separately but must be linked together).
  1. A couple is the total virtue of heaven and earth, which means the unity of east and west, south and north, up and down, front and back.
  2. By total harmonization with God's vertical love, a couple becomes the terminal of vertical love, and then the couple can occupy the parental position representing God.
  1. For parents
  1. Parental love means the completion of the ideal kingdom on earth by combining children's love, brotherly-sisterly love, conjugal love and by then becoming second creators, and by multiplying children.
  2. By expanding the ideal family on earth, parents become vertically the first ancestors, and by accomplishing their responsibility they can establish kingship.
  3. By the total virtue of heaven and earth, kingship on earth and in heaven can be accomplished.

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