Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Zin Moon Kim

Only One God and One True Parents

by Rev. Zim Moon Kim

Unofficial notes from a speech delivered in English on August 14, 1994, to international members at Headquarters Church, Chungpa Dong, Seoul Korea

You came from many countries to Korea, but there is only one God and one True Parents. So, wherever we go, it is our country. When I wasworking in America, the members gave me two nicknames: "Self- Denial"and "Bitter Medicine."

God created everything through His Word. Recreation must also beaccomplished through the Word (not through money). The more you concen-trate on money, the more trouble you will have. The more you focus onthe Word, the more money you will have. The Word comes first, then money.

Don't miss church meetings, and when you go to them, take notes.Then practice and teach what you have learned. Rev. Ahn is one of the most senior lecturers in our church, but even when he is listening to young lecturers, he always takes notes. Each person is different and teaches differently. He is always looking for new ways to view things and express them and understand them. You must do the same.

In Genesis 1-3, God gave responsibility, but he never gave freedomto human beings. He gave responsibility. In the course of restoration,it is the same. Also, in the New Testament, the word "freedom" does not appear much. The reason is that first we must accomplish our responsibility. Then freedom will come automatically. Children also need responsibility. So children should be responsible to put their shoes away, to put their toys away, and so on. If you don't push your children this way, you deny them the chance to be real people--to develop their reason. Responsibility is more urgent than freedom. When you wereblessed, you said "Yes" several times. How many times? If you don't know how many times you said it, I am sure you do not know the contents. You pledged to accomplish four things. If you don't know the contents, how can you say you are a blessed member? In each Blessing, it may be worded a bit differently, but here are the four main points of the Blessing pledge:

1. To become heavenly men and women by living for the sake of others.

2. To become heavenly husbands and wives by living for the sake of others.

3. To become heavenly mothers and fathers by living for the sake of others.

4. To establish your family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos by living for the sake of others.

If you think only about your family, you are not blessed members. You can evaluate yourself every day, and at least try to live for others.

When God said, "Don't eat . . . or you will die," He showed us that responsibility is more important than life. You must be connected to some public organization, not just living a private life. When the archangel tempted Eve, she knew that God had said "don't eat," so she should have asked permission. When you have a question about something in your life, ask your Abel. (You have many Abels, including elder blessed couples around you.)

After the problem arose, after the Fall, God kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. They were not old at the time of the Fall, only 16 or 17. They were not very wise yet. God wanted them to ask for forgiveness. He did not really want to kick them out. If they had asked for forgiveness, do you think He would have kicked them out? When your leader scolds you, ask for forgiveness. Korean leaders shout at you a lot, but they don't usually kick you out. Japanese leaders do not shout so much, but they are more likely to kick you out.

After they ate the apple, God questioned Adam. Adam said it was Eve's fault. This was the first excuse in human history. Don't make excuses. For each excuse you make, you have to pay indemnity. Even if you are right, just shut your mouth. God will judge. Just wait. If your leader is difficult, pray for him to be wise for God's providence. Korean leaderss may have problems, but the United States needs vertical tradition. Until Americans completely learn the vertical tradition, Father will keep the Korean leaders in America.

The archangel's position was the servant position. The master's love for his servants is different from a Father's love for his children. The archangel did not recognize this. He complained. Complaints and excuses are poison to our spiritual life. We are fallen people. We have many kinds of problems. If we do not live for others, it is a problem. We know other peoples' problems easily, but we forgive and forget our own problems easily. We need to change this.

Eve made the first problem with the fall, and then Cain killed his brother. So, mother and son must cooperate on the world level to restore 6,000 years of history. For this purpose, Father created the Women's Federation for World Peace and the Youth Federation for World Peace. (Anyone up to the age of 48 can be in the Youth Federation.) These two federations must cooperate. Whatever your job is, you must do something to support this main providence.

There is a second main providence. God lost the first family. Today, we must make all kinds of organizations based on the family system. In all the mission countries except Korea and the United States, Father has assigned 10 Korean brothers to represent Father and 10 Japanese sisters to represent Mother. The rest of the members in all those countries are in the children's position. Of course, the children should serve the parents, but the parents also have to love the children sacrificially. The principle that a parent must be president does not exist. If the national leader of a country is not one of the Korean leaders, then the Korean leaders who are in the father's position must follow the president. If your son is the president, you have to follow him even if you are his father. Besides that, you should be very proud that one of your sons is president. Some church leaders easily find members' problems/bad points and report them to their higher leaders. This is not a parental way to deal with the situation. Parents must guide their children to solve their problems. If you criticize others and forget your responsibility, this is a problem.

The Blessed Families are the root and the church association is the tree. You can see a tree, but you can't see its roots, but the roots are more important. Blessed members must be humble.

Father has three mottos which guide his life:

1. Before you can control the universe, you must control yourself. This is the same as self-denial.

2. If Father wants to do something, he first asks God for permission. Then he does it, then he reports to God about the result. God and Satan are watching us 24 hours a day. So, we always are in danger of being influenced by Satan if we don't connect to God. The more you feel you are a problem member, the more chance you have to be cured and saved. If you are not in a position to be able to ask permission, you are in a problem position. You must connect to your church leader/minister.

3. Live for the sake of others (suffering life). Shed Blood, Sweat and Tears for others.

Give and forget what you gave--this is True Love life. Self-control, Permission-action-reporting, Living for the Sake of Others. This is Father's life. You should find ways to have Father's words, pictures and diagrams around you all the time. Put them on the walls of in your home. Even in the toilet. You can look at them when are in the toilet, too. America's biggest problems are freedom and money. We must help fix America quickly.

In the United States, people put a lot of weight on the principle that "Everyone is equal under the law." But this principle does not cover everything. We all start life as an object first. You can only be a good subject later if you were a good object first. The law was made by imperfect people, so it can't be perfect law. Everybody is equal as an object before God. There are many problems under democracy. America has many problems. But there are some things Americans do very well. Americans are very good at keeping statistics. Here are nine things we can discover from American statistics:

1. As people get older, they are more likely to develop heart problems. Some people have heart attacks when they are about 70. But these days, people are developing heart disease at younger and younger ages. Two doctors did some research on heart disease in the 1980s, studying 9,000 people. They discovered that those people who use the words "I," "my" and "me" are more likely to develop heart problems.

God created people to live 95% for others. In Korea, we say "our wife." The wife should love her in-laws, then her husband, then her children, and then think about herself. Here we say not "my country," but "our country."

2. Cancer is a disease that still needs a lot of study. At the Johns Hopkins Cancer Research Center, several professors are trying to discover ways to cure cancer using mental and psychological treatment. They divided their patients into two groups. Group A was made up of comparatively good people, and group B was made up of comparatively bad people--those who complain a lot, are easily angered and so on. Among Group A patients, the number of cancer cells decreased each month, while in group B, the number of cancer cells continued to grow. So, living for the sake of others can even help to cure disease.

3. Emotional problems. One woman found that if she got up one hour earlier every day for one month and picked up the garbage in her neighborhood, all her emotional problems faded away. This means living for the sake of others will solve your emotional problems.

4. Anger. Studies show that if babies nurse when their mother is angry, 95% of them will get diarrhea. When you are angry, the amount of chlorestoral in your system increases, and this increases your blood pressure. In Korea, we have a proverb that goes: If you easily anger, you easily die. We have thousands of proverbs in Korea, and I did not use to pay much attention to them. As I live longer, I see that most of them are true.

5. Negative thinking. Thinking negatively without making a counter- proposal makes it easy for your cells to disconnect from one another. We need give and take between our cells. This means negative thinking makes it easy to get sick. 6. Juvenile Delinquency. At Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, a study on juvenile delinquency showed that children who did not spend time with their grandparants, receiving their grandparents' love, are more likely to become juvenile deliquents. Grandparents know a lot more about life than parents, because they have lived longer. If your parents live too far away to let your children visit them, then once or twice a month you should make cookies and take your childrent to visit one of the old age homes near your house.

Another factor contributing to juvenile delinquency was being fed cow's milk instead of breast milk. In addition, using a stroller instead of carrying your children until they are about a year old and able to walk makes them more likely to grow up troubled. All of these things basically stem from selfishness on the part of parents. It is more convenient to live away from your parents, more convenient to use cow's milk, and more convenient to use a stroller, but you must try to live for the sake of your children. Until your children are a year old, they should sleep in the same bed with you. This is hard for parents who want to have sexual relations during that time, but it is important for your children.

Another problem is the education system. After having a lot of freedom, children go to school and it is very strict. This is backwards. Things should go from more strict to less strict, less freedom to more freedom. At home, if one parent is strict, the other should smile. Take turns. As the body needs bones and flesh, so children need strictness and smiles. They need both.

7. Breast cancer also seems related to selfish thinking. The three types of women most likely to get breast cancer are women who dislike marriage, women who get married late, and women who do not want to have children. Women's breasts were created by God to be sucked by their babies. If they are not sucked enough, breast cancer is more likely to develop.

8. People who live their lives sincerely and seriously can live longer lives.

9. People who get married to the person they choose themselves get divorced more easily. In the state of New York, the divorce is now 65%. In the whole United States, it is now 55%. In our 6000 couples, the rate is 0.2% and in the 2000 couples it is 10%.

Members often ask me about the tradition to bow at pledge service. "Should we bow one time? Two Times? Three Times?" The important thing about tradition is not how many times we bow, but WHY we bow. Einstein told us that e=mc2, but he didn't think about why. If he had known that people would use this knowledge to make bombs, maybe he would not have told us. How you came here is not important. Why you came here is important. The external tradition may change at any time. The internal tradition does not change.

So, why do we bow at pledge service? 1. to show respect to True Parents, 2. to show determination before True Parents. Even one bow is very meaningful if it has these two purposes. Without these purposes, even 100 bows have no meaning.

Embrace your wife and children, and thank God for them. We need to know why more than how. The main point of the internal condition is True Love, living for the sake of others.

Our individual destiny depends on our family destiny.

Our family destiny depends on our national destiny. Our national destiny depends on the world's destiny.

The world's destiny depends on heavenly destiny.

Heavenly destiny: Those who practice life for the sake of others will be happy. This is the messiah's main message. Concentrate to understand God's Word. The further you are from God, the weaker your destiny.

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