The Words of the de Souza Family

A Short Testimony

Marshall de Souza
June 13, 2004

I donít know about you, but I find that Iím not always thinking about my role as a Blessed Central Family or Tribal Messiahship! However, opportunities come our way, and itís important to seize them and make the most of the situation. Thatís what happened to me recently.

A few weeks ago, my mother informed me that one of my aunts (her cousin actually) was stopping over in London for a week, before she continued her journey back home to America. I contacted her on the phone, and she invited me over for lunch at a distant relativeís house.

As I prepared to go there, I felt that this could be an opportunity to offer Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine to my aunt. I tried to contact my wife, Joanna, to get her support, but I couldnít reach her, so I decided to take the Holy Wine in the car, and see how things developed. Of course, I prayed on the way there Ė to Kenton, N. London!

I had a lovely meeting not only with my aunt, but also with my newfound relatives. We talked quite a lot, including what work Iím doing at the moment. When it came to eating, the man of the house asked me to sit at the head of the table, which I promptly felt I should decline. However, he insisted, so I sat there. Towards the end of the meal, I asked my host if we could take part in a special ceremony because I said, "we were special people who had come together!" (This family was deeply religious; the wife played a big role in her church on a daily basis). He whole-heartedly agreed, so I ran out and got the wine from the car. When I returned, my aunt had a single wine glass in her hand. She said that we were a close family and could share the same glass! On pouring the wine, I mentioned that it was blessed by a very religious man, and by drinking it, we would get closer to God and to each other. I passed the glass round, starting with my aunt and ending with me.

On a lighter note, the lady of the house told us that she doesnít drink red wine because it gives her a headache. On hearing this, I said that she should quickly ask God to spare her the headache because she was partaking in something very holy and beautiful. She laughed and said that on this occasion she felt she could drink a whole glass with no side effects at allÖ

I was glad to have met my aunt and distant cousins, and felt even happier to have done this short, but meaningful ceremony with them. Praise the Lord!

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