The Words of the Agulan Family

Mr. Mauricio Baldini's account of Brazil May 30 event

Greg Agulan
June 8, 2010

Hyun Jin Nim relentless effort to pursue his belief for what is good for our movement is something in great significance in the providence of restoration. For those who disagree with him it is your right. But for those who judge him as Satan or as disobedient Child? Only the parents can say that no other authority. Having said that, we are crossing the line. Each one of us has a path to follow. But one thing for sure we are all called to joined this movement to go beyond ourselves or even beyond our small minded religious dogma.

God's providence is advancing no matter what and no matter it may take. And that is our common denominator. The opinions of Rev. Lamson, Rev. Dong Mo Shin, and so on. Cannot be in great significance unless Hyun Jin Nim will say that you are right and I am wrong. In the same token, the opinion of Mauricio Baldini, Hyun Jin Nim and other supporting him is not valid unless True Father or Hyung Jin Nim and all his siblings say you are right Hyun Jin Nim. Because according to Hyun Jin Nim course of action he will lead our movement properly. You may disagree with him or not but his desire and conviction is not something to be underestimated. You have to enter to his deepest heart in order to understand him. But its not the basis to judgment of right and wrong to say that he is a disobedient son. Unless he will say to his followers that they are right and we are wrong I disobey my parents and lets go back to the fold of the truth and follow my younger Brother and my Parents.. We have to understand that he is not just talking about religion or religious dogma but the providence. When we talk about the providence, it is active and it goes beyond religion; and the Unification Church is no exception. At least he has been consistent of what he is doing, even when he has been running our movement for 12 years.

As I can attest those who are against Hyun Jin Nim are very bias and unfair the way they characterized him. Thus, it won't help the process of reconciliation. They all have biases against Hyun Jin Nim. They humiliate Hyun Jin Nim and the True family without intention of doing so.. and much more they are all presumption. As Hyun Jin Nim said in his speech Father has to speak for himself.

We all have our own bias also base on the way we see things. However, these criticisms will surely allow Hyun Jin Nim and his followers to adjust their strategy to pursue their determination to reformed our movement and lead to the right direction as he mentioned in his speech and claimed. Advancing the providence is something big and profound and awakening for me. Something that cannot be underestimated by an ordinary person like me. It seems to me these are beyond where we are now. I am just happy that one member of the True Family is willing and have the guts to make a reformed in his own house, it require guidance from above to do such a thing. That tremendously courageous act. It may be stupid and coward act but if we put it into a positive context. He is making a lot of sense. We never heard a leader in any religious or political dynasty reforming his own house. I'm sure he knows what he is doing in his own house and the direction and consequences of his action. He is smart as he in his own right. I believe that the issue now is not about disobedience of some sort. For me as an ordinary member the best thing I can do is to do my full tithing without fail. I believe this will protect me and my family from being drag into the situation.

Hinay hinay lang mga kapatid. Because sooner or later we will be our own judge. Hyun Jin Nim is just trying to clean up so that there is a new fresh air in the house or may be beyond. Regardless of the disagreement between Father and Hyun Jin Nim and his relationship with his siblings. I think it's not our concern. Keep distance Amigos. He has all the power and right to pursue his agenda of One Family Under God.

I was once a member of the board as State Leader in Florida. My regional leader said that the board members are delaying the providence. Who are they to make decision for God's providence he said to me in the car.

In a sense he is right. Father is the absolute authority. But the board has the decision to make. The board in South America or Brazil have something to do if Hyun Jin Nim can capitalized his influence of the board. But the new report about two board members that had repented make Hyun Jin Nim's plan to be derailed; at least temporarily perhaps. The heavenly manifesto has been created. The question is, is the board just formality or it is for real. Please let us be composed on our comment brothers and sisters. We are all expressing our opinion from the distance. We don't exactly know what is going on inside.

Greg Agulan
UTS 2000
New Jersey 

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