The Words of the Biermans Family

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Commitment of Heart -- Testimony on Witnessing (John Biermans - December 1983)

Father's Appeal Receives Unprecedented Support -- The Latest News about the Court Case (John Biermans, Susan Henry, and HSA Legal Department - April 1984)

Father's Case -- A Day in the Life (John Biermans - June 1984)

On Witnessing Using Spirit World (John Biermans - March 1985)

Father's Parole Update (John Biermans and the HSA Legal Department - June 1985)

The Joy of Witnessing (John Biermans - November 1985)

Father's Way of Witnessing (John Biermans - September 1986)

How the Recent IOWC Helped Me Rediscover My Heart (John Biermans - May 1990)

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