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UTS Has Open Positions For Trainees and Volunteers

Susan Bouachri
October 7, 2009

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Want to make an offering, and learn valuable skills at the same time?

UTS-Barrytown has open positions for trainees, volunteers

As you may have heard, UTS has now relocated its campus to 4 W. 43rd St. in New York City. There are exciting plans for the future use of the former UTS property in Barrytown, NY. We will be renovating and developing the buildings and property. To realize this we are looking for:

Building Manager Trainees to assist with the day-to-day tasks of running an up and coming multi-use property

Project/Event Development Assistant to work on developing one of the many projects and events planned for 2010

Renovation Assistant to help a construction team with renovations planned for 2009/2010

Event Manager/Catering Assistant to work on creating and developing large events

Training Program:

This is a unique opportunity for high school graduates or college students in between semesters to gain practical work experience and skills. Are you willing to learn? Good with your hands? A self starter? There are exciting plans for the development of the property that need a lot of work. We already have a team of Second Generation in place and we are looking for others to work with them. Working under managers who can teach skills and technique with a mind for safety and good work habits, volunteers can offer service according to their abilities and in turn, can develop their character and abilities and learn from each other.

What will the volunteer gain?

A broad understanding of the different skills needed to operate a large property like UTS Barrytown

Practical work experience and knowledge when continuing education in this field

Confidence for their next pursuit in life

Inheriting a love for the property and all that it represents from the First Generation managers

Duration: Varies. Although a minimum time commitment of 4 months is encouraged and 1 year would be ideal, shorter time commitments are possible.

Compensation: Room and Board. A stipend may be available depending on abilities.

Please send your questions or request for an application to:

Susan Bouachri
HSA-UWC Director of Human Resources 

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