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HSA-UWC is looking for a Director of Communications

Susan Bouachri
December 25, 2009

HSA-UWC is looking for a Director of Communications to work in our New York City Headquarters office. See below for information regarding the position. If interested, send your resume (or questions) to Susan Bouachri.

Full time: Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm
Location: HSA-UWC Headquarters in NYC


The Director of Communications directs and implements activities designed to enhance communications between HSA-UWC and its members, volunteers, partner organizations, and society at large to expand the visibility and understanding of the Unification Movement and its founder. The position requires excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to direct and manage multiple-projects simultaneously in a busy office environment.

The ideal candidate will be a strong communicator who strives to understand the organization’s vision and priorities as well as the membership’s needs and determine how best to inform the various stakeholders of the Unification Movement programs and activities. The candidate should be able to develop and maintain an overarching coherent look and feel for the Unification Movement brand, in all aspects of communication. This individual should be a creative and strategic thinker as well as someone who has the technical expertise to take on new internet-based projects.


Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience. Three to five years work experience preferred.

Demonstrated experience in writing and editing materials for print and web-based communications vehicles.

Project management experience, exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail, demonstrated ability to multi-task. Excellent written and verbal communications skills; flexibility, ability, and tact to work with a variety of situations and people (including volunteers) to accomplish tasks.

Additional Preferred skills: Development and management of blogs and forums. Web-site re-design/organization.

To apply, please submit a copy of your resume to Susan Bouachri.

For questions, please email Susan. 

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