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Seeking Korean/English speakers to assist with interpretation at upcoming ODP workshop in Las Vegas

Susan Bouachri
August 12, 2011

Urgent Request

HSA-UWC is seeking Korean / English speakers to assist with simultaneous interpretation at the upcoming ODP workshop in Las Vegas 8/19 through 8/25. Required qualifications are:

1) Fluency in Korean and English

2) Working understanding of the Divine Principle

3) Confidence and previous experience as a simultaneous interpreter

4) Supportive of the international activities of Tongilgyo (Unificationism / Unification Church) and of Lovin' Life Ministries in America

ODP interpreters will receive payment, and airfare and accommodations will be provided. Participation as interpreter will count as attending the workshop, as long as special workshop donation has been paid.

If interested, please contact Susan Bouachri. Include pertinent experience. 

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