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Two Open Positions with ACLC: Help Wanted Ads-- please circulate

Susan Bouachri
December 4, 2012

Dear District Pastors,

We have received several requests from members over the last month or so, that HSA and related organization's job openings be posted in a manner that allows more members to apply and be considered. I've attempted this in the past with mixed results so I'm requesting your help, and asking that you circulate these two help wanted positions through your e-mail list. If possible, you can suggest to local leadership that they be included in the local church bulletins and any other way you feel they can gain maximum exposure. I will have them posted on the church website too.

The two positions attached here are both with ACLC. The first is for an Outreach Director in the NY/NJ/CT area. The second position is for the ACLC Executive Director.


ACLC is seeking to fill two open positions to start immediately:

Outreach Director for NY/ NJ/ CT The ACLC Outreach Director is responsible to develop a model ACLC chapter in NY, and then duplicate it in NJ, and Connecticut. Responsibilities include securing regular meetings with the most influential clergy and political leaders for National Chairman, President and NY Co-Chairs, developing outreach teams for every borough of New York, Newark, the Oranges and Bridgeport. Convene and lead a monthly meeting of all Co-Chairs of NY at Freedom Hall in Brooklyn to develop programs on a quarterly basis. In addition, this position is responsible to train pastors to teach Divine Principal, and to improve communication with Pastors through writing weekly e-news updates. Qualifications include a Bachelor's degree and a minimum of 5 years' experience with ACLC activities. Must be proficient in use of computer for word processing and database management. Requires ability to work in interracial, inter-religious environment. Must reside in the NY /NJ/ CT area, and have working relationships with one or more of the local communities. Full time position. ACLC Executive Director

The ACLC Executive Director is responsible for the successful leadership and management of the organization according to the strategic direction set by the Board of Directors. He / She will work under the direction of the Chairman and the President of ACLC to oversee the effective and efficient day to day operations of the organization. This includes implementation of Pastor's Forums to raise and educate Co- Chairs, Directors and Key Clergy in each district. Oversee development and presentation of ministerial programs on the district and state level, develop budget and secure funding sources, and support communication with Pastors. Qualifications include a Bachelor's degree and MRE or M.Div. from a theological seminary, a minimum of 5 years' experience with ACLC activities, knowledge of leadership and management principals of a non-profit organization. Must be proficient in use of computer for word processing and database management. Ability to work in interracial, inter-religious environment. This job is full time and based in Washington DC. If you would like to request a full job description, or if you have any questions, contact Susan Bouachri. You may also submit an application for employment with HSA-UWC or its affiliated organizations online at

Thank you for your help, Susan

Susan Bouachri, SPHR
HSA-UWC Director of Human Resources 

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