The Words of the Cisse Family

My Husband is My "Second Self"!

Catherine Cissé
November 12, 2010

True Father says:

"You can only establish the realm of Filial Piety after you have married and the wife's Filial Piety is added to the husband's in front of the parents. Only then, through this, you have a foundation of Loyal Piety, in attendance to the parents, can a true realm of Filial Piety be established."

The story of my matching with Aziz, my second self

Let me first start with our matching story:

From my original blessing (1978), and my being Heavenly blessed to Aziz, in 1989, I attended each matching ceremony that occurred in the between. Nothing can describe the stress for being left out each time, and the great challenges having to face so much perplexity because of that. I can say now that those challenges were so painful that the only reason I attended the ceremony where Aziz was is because my central figure, then, had me to promise try one more time. Now, with hindsight, I see God's hand and accuracy with our match.

When I first traveled for it, I had that dream: a sister from my original blessing group was welcoming me, and said: 'don't worry, we will be blessed again at the same time'. The very first member and sister I met was her, whom I always believed to be well off with her Blessing. We laughed. She, like me, were to look for the next ceremony.

In Korea 1982, Rev. Reiner Vincenz came, digging his passage in the middle of the hundreds of sisters, to tell me: "Ne t'inquiètes pas, Catherine, ton mari n'est pas encore dans l'église !" ("Don't worry, Catherine your husband is not yet in the church!"). Like me, that sister had to look for the next ceremony. There was March 1987. Again, she and I had to look for the next ceremony. When it was announced, 1989, my faith showed its shortness, so I let it known, and I could only come up with the promise to try one more time, the last time that would be. It finally happened, alike for that one sister. And Rev. R. Vincenz was right: my husband was not there yet (1982). He had joined two years later.

Being centered, being "present"

The trials and challenges throughout the previous ten long years made me aware of the necessity to know my own "Self". Because I am on this journey of knowing myself, I can endure trials of faith, I never imagined was possible! The more I know myself, the more I have been able to love God and True Parents.

Whenever I reflect on the past, I observe one thing: Any victories in my life, have been the result of I, being "present", spiritually, emotionally, in those specific moments of struggle before the victory.

My husband: God's unique expression

God and True Parents did not just bind "concave" and "convex", plus and minus, when they matched us! They attention brought about a unique expressions of True Love that makes us, each couple, so precious and "tasty" to Heaven! Because I know myself much more now, I have come to love myself. Hence, as well, I come to love my husband to the core of his heart, his own very "Self".

Here's how I pray for him when I open my heart to God:

"Heavenly Father, have You paid attention to Your son, Aziz, today?
Are You and True Parents pleased about him today ?
Did you enjoy every doing? Did you laugh with him today?
Is there anything you wish to surprise him, that You know would make him very happy?
Is there something You particularly like about him that he doesn't express enough?
Please enjoy our couple as we are..."

Letting go of Expectations

I have been making money to send to my husband and my daughter, in Senegal. Sometimes, I felt, this is all unfair; why should a wife be the bread winner for the family? However, after many bitter tears, I realized that gratitude is the only answer. Since I let go of my expectations from my husband, I have been able to just give and forget. And this let's me be even more my own 'Self"!

My place is to reflect my husband's original self, by loving and attending his physical parents, his tribe. I am very grateful to God and True Parents for guiding and being patient with me to learn my way to change! 

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