The Words of the Cisse Family


Catherine Cissé
January 28, 2011

When I called my daughter on the phone the other day, I greeted her as I care doing since she is a small child.

I told her: I love you from A to Z, and anything you do is only a plus to dad and me. Once again, it worked, and cheered her up, letting her share her heart out to me. Most area of life came out, and I was delighted.

She particularly mentioned Nénèh, her only spiritual daughter so far.

Shin Ae was a 2nd grader when I needed to come to France, hopefully for a few months only.

Nénèh worked as an helper in that school, working day-time to attend her mum, and going to evening classes to become a secretary.

One day, when my husband arrived to pick her up, Shin Ae was waiting together with that young lady my husband knew belonged to the stuff of that school.

Nénèh explained how Shin Ae had reached out to her, explaining how the lectures her dad was giving, either at Unification Church, or at home, are very good and interesting, and how she -- Nénèh -- had to listen to them.

Nénèh shared her surprise to hear a little girl speak of her dad's lectures with such light in the eyes, and so eager to have Nénèh attend them.

That same day, Nénèh listened to her first Divine Principle lecture, followed by more, and soon participated to a seminar.

Since then, Nénèh was blessed to a Beninese brother. They live in Bamako as she passed her exam to be a secretary, and work there, visiting and attending her in-laws in Benin every possible occasions.

Shin Ae was cheerful speaking of her spiritual daughter this time because after of several years of attempts, Nénèh and her husband gave birth to a beautiful blessed daughter, and their joy is at the measure of their trials to conceive.

Shin Ae is very happy, and is amused that her spiritual child was blessed and became a mum before her.....!

God works in mysterious ways, really. 

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