The Words of the Cisse Family

To believe is good indeed!

Catherine Cissé
March 9, 2011

As Hyung Jin Nim is welcoming and receiving the Holy Spirit back into our life, I attend his healing services every day.

I shared last time how the Holy Spirit worked with what was first needed for me to act out for it to help me.

That happened right prior to my 10th participation.

Two days were necessary to digest and integrate, and resume my participation.

Each time, I pay attention to every part of the service like it is the first time: the explanations about being sinner, the offering of Chambumonim Eok Mansei and its insight, and both Hyung Jin Nim's prayers, making them my own -- a little bit deeper each time.

To my surprise, the first word of the explanation has my heart burst into tears, and on 'till the last word of the prayers.

Like that every day.

A few days ago, I came to understand that sin calling for repentance: TO HAVE TURNED MY BACK TO HEAVEN!

The Blessing ceremony encompasses it naturally, but was absolutely unaware of the historical stake at hand.

Either it happened 6000 years ago, or in my personal life, each time I doubt, each time I judge, each time

I pretexe for lack of results, each time I look down, each time I "teach", each time I misuse other members,

I am turning my back to Heaven!.

Since it happened, Holy Spirit is helping me a little further already as I began to be able to genuinely merge into that emotion of just loving Father and Mother, joining Hyung Jin Nim in an angelic sound of voice to conclude the chanting.


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