The Words of the Cisse Family

Natural witnessing generates enthusiasm

Catherine Cissé
March 11, 2011

True Parents, Sun Myung Moon and Hak Jak Han, are far beyond measure, the truest Teachers of God's words!

And that is because each and every single word They DO utter is done only AFTER They had victory in living up to it Themselves.

Father, all throughout His teaching us, and Mother too, have repeated that there are 360 different angles to exposing Divine Principle.

It is only with In Jin Nim spoken word: 'natural' witnessing, that we began dare understand that it is what True Parents meant all along about leading to Divine Principle from any of the 360 angles.

There is one misinterpreted word that affected all of us ill deep down the soul: satanic, foolishly brandishing it in everything go: our physical lineage, our home-church people -- and their doing as well -- and any Cain.

I now can smile because how 'courageous' it has been in making sure, every minute of our life, to not let us be infected in any way at all by Satanism, all those we blindly judged as satanic, all those happenings we blindly judged as satanic. It required all of our focus, all of our strength, all of our might, all of our health -- mental and physical as well -, all our devotion, all of our worship, in order to save us from it.

With Hyung Jin Nim, In Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim's natural witnessing, that wrong thought now unveiled what we made out of us, our own doing.

To have began investing in home town, I can see the insult I have done to God and True Parents, to.

Their everlasting work throughout time and space. For example, on my father's side, his parents are already the kind of couple Heaven delights watching over. My grand-father was a Catholic, my grand-mother an Athee, daughter of a Communist whose name was given to an aisle in his home-town. As a couple, all of us, their family members, keep looking up at them with real respect and admiration, even though they ascended long ago.

They never 'taught' as such. Their life-style lighted our path and progress in life. All of us silently agree that they were gatherers to us in general, to each of us in particular.

Filled with that wrong interpretation of the word 'satanic', I failed being there for God to keep leading them fully back to Him.

Yet hadn't Father always encouraged us to write letters to our families at least twice a month? and more?.

He did.

We didn't, so afraid to be 'infected' just by the thought of it, and we're left with the consequences for our happiness.

'Natural' witnessing -- the 360 different angles Father mentioned -- comes along now because:

True Sons and Daughters finished growing up, and now expose life-styles that are 'natural' entirely soaked with true filial heart and Divine Principle;

convicted Unificationists also now expose life-styles that are 'natural' and entirely soaked with true filial heart and Divine Principle.

To witness that led me face that I never believed True Parents, even though a member, even though blessed.

If I had, wouldn't have been as wise as closer to True Children's life-style now?

As wise as those convicted Unificationists with life style rich with fruits, events, adventures, and enthusiasm?

They are those I desire follow, listen to, grab on, with all my heart, with all my might, with all my strength.

I am not afraid of 2013, January 13th.

I care to be with God, True Parents, and those who are with them, now. 

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