The Words of the Cisse Family

Japan: Father and Mother's true love

Catherine Cissé
March 14, 2011

March 13th. Sunday service.

Naturally, the happening in Japan was the main theme of the sermon.

How, you may ask. What rapport with a religious service?.

Me too was concerned, for a few minutes, that human emotions overflowed over more significant matter for Heaven.

I soon worked out a repentful heart for self-centered opinion.

The Japanese sister preciously shared more spiritual insight behind the happening.

Early Sunday morning, on the 13th, Japan time, Dae Mo Nim unveiled a little of the spiritual phenomena.

Thus, like the other participants, I came to know that the catastrophe was meant to be far more damaging the nation that it did. Dae Mo Nim shared how it was meant to cut the country in two, making it difficult to circulate between northern and southern part of Japan. And that is as it still acts against God and True Parents, with a lawyer, now member of the government, is pouring all his efforts to throw Unification Church out from Japan altogether. And kidnappings still occur.

Like the other participants, I came to know that Father must have seen it coming, but alike Jesus, tried to have the 'cup" pass away. He asked for Seong... sessions, which won Heaven to favor softening the strike over the land.

The speaker also asked: who knew why did Father chose Japan as 'Eve' nation?.

Alike most of the participants, I couldn't really answer, having set that as having to do with being Asian.

However the reason exposes all at once Father's integrity in teaching what He, his true Self, had victory with it: Japan invaded Korea: God's nation, and more than that rapt Father's second wife. That led it total enemy to God. To deliver God from that resentment, Father elected Japan to stand as Eve nation, to "love the enemy" He dramatically teaches.

I must confess to have tasted a keener sense for need of repentance, for not have inquired, being such a child of filial piety as I grew for, unceasing asking my True Parents questions about anything and everything.

I guess that is why I like that photo of Hyung Jin Nim sat against the balustrade on the terrace right in front of Father sat there. Hyung Jin Nim questions Father about all and everything.

Hyung Jin Nim exercises full give and take with Father.

So, how precious our Japanese brothers and sisters, and Japanese altogether!

They, knowingly or not, stood up amidst greatest adversity -- and God's resentment to them is a real adversity, isn't it? -- And lived their repentful heart by loving Father and Mother.

True Parents' value and model for me to follow leaves me silent, the head down, the heart serious.

They, Father and Mother, and now True Children, fully live up to true truth: They love us, me, my family, my child, so 'enemies' to God...

Since January, Hyung Jin Nim is committing Himself to help Holy Spirit help us, every single day.

I'll keep participating, and making sure that I am participating to what is meant to go through.

Who am I to say it is important, or it is not.

With the happening in Japan, it is only AFTER that clarity is given on the spiritual insights behind it. 

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