The Words of the Cisse Family

God and True Parents love the ex-members

Catherine Cissé
March 14, 2011

Orsay: March 13th. Sunday service.

The main speaker testified of this:

"A Japanese member happened to encounter a Black, a man who shared: I was a member of Unification Church, served around Europe, in Germany, England. I always loved True Parents and Divine Principle, and never stopped loving them since. But I had a big problem: the leader. So, I quit.

I became a Pastor, and now guide a congregation of about 50 faithful members.

He invited the member to this service and introduced it as a member of the Unification Church."...

My reflection:

All that God's and True Parents' son needs now, is be blessed, and rejoice blessing members of his congregation, doing it him himself.

Did we really got it that Unification Church is not an end in itself, and that God and True Parents guide and nurture any human on earth beyond time and space?.

Shall we be humble enough as writing on the blank left beside the question: 'who is your spiritual parent?': Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han?

As Father always said that any who come to Them via Themselves, photos or true words is their own spiritual children?.

Shall we glorify Heaven's glory about Its doing with that man? preventing from making our own Heaven's fruits.

To attend the Holy Spirit services every day is really good indeed.

This testimony has me be consistent how we are loved, and that nothing that comes our way comes to make us feel wrong for our past, but as a blessed opportunity to thank God, welcoming another yet image of Him.

We were immature then, but matured a little bit more since, to appreciate.

Welcoming the Holy Spirit back into our life, our mind, our heart, would liberate the ex-members, and others too, and give them desire to search for us again. 

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