The Words of the Cisse Family

My Love Heart Unison Prayer, Today!

Catherine Cisse
May 3, 2011

Note: Catherine wrote this after she asked: Why Doesn't Father come to France?

Aba!... Father above!...

I am sorry.

Parents come here (Europe).

They couldn't wait any longer to come see us; laugh, smile, talk, listen, share, visit, and be tired together with us.

I'm sure Oslo is only a pretext for traveling, to rejoice seeing us.

We know so well that it is us, the children, who needed to initiate, and invite Parents, loving them with all possible adventures that exist, and all possible doings that would cheer them up.

Please, Aba, save us from misusing Your Son and Daughter.

They are not just a mission, nor are they a trophy, certainly not our trophy.

We didn't win True Parents. They are Your Heart.

They are the Ones that won You to open up, for us, true love.

Our blindness sees Father's doings as "important", "or even providential"; while he just keeps living the rich co-creative life he longs to see each one of us to come up with.

I hope Parents are asked what they wish and desire to go visit.

I hope our Korean, as limited as it may be, will sooth them up.... tears. 

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