The Words of the Cisse Family

Happy Anniversary 118 Couples Blessing on May 21st

Catherine Cissé
May 19, 2011

I remember... and I smile...

The small room beside the grand ball-room, in Lancaster Gate, England, seemed made just for the few of us, not much bigger, and not too small.

Three long days and nights, just for us, 118 couples, not even the 120 Father tried for 118 couples to help lay a foundation for the unity of Europe, with the given directives to learn 7 languages, 3 musical instruments, and the specificities of 120 trees.

We could have lived a very fun blessed life, that could have made a difference in the Europe

True Parents visited this time.

I admit to have not done that yet. And also admit to have given Father the trouble to bless me anew, but which particularity shows me that all Father does has a continuity with the advancement to establish God's Kingdom in Europe...

Rev. Won Pil Kim was on the floor, in the corner, behind Father who sat on a chair to better see all of us. And Mrs. Won Pok Choi was elsewhere, guiding teen-aged Ye Jin Nim represented Mother because Hyung Jin Nim had just been born.

From one day to the other, what had been a sacred issue, if not a secret: marriage, became our food to eat and drink.

Father was caring with every one, and didn't miss to give a word to encourage, or to explain, or to promise.

To one to whom He had ask: who would you like? He explain with attention how a moon-like character calls for a sun-like character. How two moon-like would become dark.

To one, He encouraged: you'll be a very heartiest couple.

To one who couldn't join His vision with the proposed partner, Father spoke for some time.

And again later.

To one old enough to have already marry, Father asked with attention why.


When we all turned around, males-females facing each other, so much drama went on, if not externally, internally surely. For the first time, we were looking at each other from a potential love partnership.

Our being raised into strict and blind obedience only gave Father double work to battle the spirit world of old Europe.

He needed so much to sense our desire, our dream, our thought, that were not there.

Father was revealing to us that God's "Will" is far other than just obedience, and technical; that the Image of God -- a couple -- in the light of Heaven, reflects a delicate and sophisticated personality of It, not just the bring of + and - together...

Father was given a break, though, with an appointed photograph in the room. That brother so simply stood in front of Father, answered Him, and was promised to be blessed the next time, too young to be part of us, 27 years old and up. It had brought a smile on Father's face...

The stick ceremony also brought out unforgettable memories...

And on the 21st, each walking the given steps to walk, each bowing to Father and Ye Jin Nim, each barely realizing what had happened, 118 couples were born!.

In Vegas on May 21st, True Parents will have us in heart, no doubt about it.

Let the blessing that we could have enjoyed to celebrate the anniversary together with Them, even one hour -- had we trained better filial piety as to be prepared in returning love and care to Them, like Hyung Jin Nim, now, show us how -- overflows twice upon all of you.

From deep heart! 

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