The Words of the Cisse Family

Father's Doings for Heavenly Medical Facilities

Catherine Cissé
May 25, 2011

Like the 'Little Angels' -- among other things -- could have had plenty rivals in Europe, to compete with, had we, the 118 couples, followed Father's directives to us, learning musical instruments, foreign languages, and about trees, His newly created machine for health would naturally be used by, and sold out through our own medical facilities in Europe, had His directives and personal attention for it been perseveringly worked out.

His machine, now, would be no problem to the general public, because heavenly vision of medical treatments would now been known, and recognized, in Europe.

From the 1976s on, Father has personally invested, and cared as to give one member, a medical doctor, all that is possible to bring about Medical treatments that matches both Western and Chinese medicine: the learning at our Hospital in Japan, for a year or two;

His given the direction to that person to hire any European member, already medical doctors or nurses; precious personal entertainment with Father on His speedboat, in Chung Pyung Lake...

But, it never even began.

More precisely, the most severe adversity to Father's doing and directives came from among us because, like in our days, even though what In Jin Nim, and our International President are showing us, established distort faiths about God and True Parents couldn't admit being passed-by, even by Father Himself. 

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