The Words of the Cisse Family

Tribal Meeting with My Sisters

Catherine Cissé
September 19, 2011

To meet my two oldest sisters, after quite a long time, came after I read United Blessed Women, The Main Source of Life For The Holy Spirit A.... It encouraged me to check how I was doing with other women so far, members or not, and it is true that a men's view helps as well.

With a clearer heart, I visited my older sister, that I had not met in person for a long time, and had fun finding little presents I knew would touch her. It happened indeed. She, then, invited my other sister to come over for the rest of the day. To value and bless them was the most inspiring to my heart.

As a result, my oldest sister invited me again, soon after that. And again, I had fun finding little gifts I knew would touch her. To my surprise, she had planned shopping for me, and ended up offering me two different outfits and more. Precisely what I looked for!

My other sister having traveled with her husband, we spent the rest of the day chatting, she and me. But like never before, the sharing soon bloomed to more intimate happenings.

I could expose my up-to-date family situation, letting be that life under Divine Principle is in no means 'perfect', but a golden tool to unfold the complexity of human relationships.

I wanted to express, without actual words, how I was so liberated by God and True Parents, living a blessed life despite all my circumstances. All this opened the way up for a real communication with my sisters. 

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