The Words of the Cisse Family

Loving Life, Through Yoga

Catherine Cissé
October 29, 2011

The Yoga class had only one sound that day:
deep breaths accompanying the practice.

The whole hour was filled with the rhythmic
sound of the air passing through the nose.

As it went, I felt a new sensation in my body,
which grounded me away from my worries.

Each time, that sensation made me more aware
of my body and soul.

Once, immersed into it, I started praying and asking God
to come to each part of my body.

As I was listening to my body, I was surprised to observe
that it speaks of true love only.

I gained a great sense of Mind and Body unity,
and experienced a physical well-being, a wholesomeness,
like never before.

I understand much more now what it means: "Loving Life". 

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