The Words of the Cisse Family

Natural Witnessing: True Love rebounds!

Catherine Cissé
November 1, 2011

Someone asked me the other day: "how did you know your sisters were ready to be contacted?" I simply said: "they were ready as soon as I was ready myself".

My older sister is a very fine cook, and a tea lover. So recently, I looked for different herb teas, created a special blend of various flowers and fruits for her. In a book club meeting, my sister served the whole group these herb teas, which they were pleased with and curious about all the new fragrances.

My sister received well, my intention in loving her for herself. This simple act of kindness invited trust and simplicity between us. I loved her by simply by listening to her. Isn't witnessing all about letting others teach themselves, rather than lecturing them!

Recently, I was surprised when she had this realization: " life, we can learn about everything, but nobody can teach us how to become parents, but ourselves". 

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