The Words of the Bickford Family

We Marry to Liberate God!

Catherine Cissé
January 23, 2012

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han July 20, 2010

In a subway, the other day, God took me by surprise, answering a question I had since some times.

In "Blessing and Ideal Family", Father asks: "why do we marry?".

The theory is easy to understand; the practice a little less.

I kept asking God how to know doing that...

There was that late female teenager in the quiet subway that kept talking to a boy, not very much younger than her. Imperceptibly, I listened to her, addressing him.

Even young, she sounded a "perfect" little mother, and the pitch of her yet feminine voice made me think that she may be repeating her own mum's manner in addressing her, up to insisting that the boy looked at her in the eyes when being spoken to.

As a preparation to love God!

Suddenly, I heard my own voice call her, and say: 'Miss, by speaking like that, you will not know how to keep a man in your life'. The sound must have been special because, neither she, or the boy, or anyone near-by, showed discomfort, instead silently relaxed.

Surprised, I missed letting the happening go to an end.

I, then, asked God to teach me more...

To liberate God with one person!

Furthermore, Father tells us that God needs one person to experiment the heart of daughter/son, sister/brother, wife/husband, and mother/father.

God, then, cleared my mind as to understand that each man/woman my life, while growing up, contributes to prepare us to love one's true love subject/object partner. Either True Father, True Sons, each teaches how to be able love our partner, when he is son, brother, husband, and father, and True Mother, True daughters, each teaches how to love our partner, when she is daughter, sister, wife, and mother.

God desires to experiment that with me! wow!

My lungs are too narrow to sigh of ease as much as I want to.

Thank You God! and thank You True Parents! 

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