The Words of the Cisse Family

When I am Clear, True Father Smiles!

Catherine Cissé
January 30, 2012

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han January 9, 2012

Comfortable now, clear with the fact that the Conscience is the Heart, I am able to listen to where God answers and simply gives and receives. And I hear how 'chating' He can be.

Because of that, I could ask more insight about the series of kyung-baes to do for the ancestors.

Then, the Conscience said: you don't do those 'instead' of ancestors (which I have been doing until now).

It is your own gift to True Parents, thanking Them to live and love all of you.

I asked more about what a kyung-bae really is meant to say, and if it needs be exclusively the full one, Korean way. The Conscience shared: it says of the Son/daughter's allegiance to the Parents (now I know why Kenny's 'The Cosmic Anthem' caught my attention all this time).

The physical kyung-baes need not be full, and can be done from the waist, or even with the head nodding.

It is to be aware of what it says that gives it significance and value.

True Father smiles at True Love!

Because of that, I had a dream where Father's face shined with me.

Seeing my heart, He stood up, ready for one of those long talks He can be very greedy.

True Father longs for our full comprehension of His speaking in Korean to us!

Father addressed me in Korean only.

By my ability to understand Father when He speaks in Korean is still to be improved.

So, soon Father realized that, stopped talking, and smiled, like saying: that's the way it is: language barrier!.

True Father rewards genuine love!

Father was leaning on his arm resting on an about 40 inches high, and about 12 inches wide trophy that looked made with copper. at about one third from bottom up, several small diamonds were set around the trophy; at about another one more third up, several rubies. And in the space between the rubies and the top, my first name, Catherine, was engraved.

It is funny because, in real life, if my husband received several rewards, back home, and knows the taste to be quoted as being exemplary, recently again, I never did, and very sincerely acknowledge that it will never be. So, to see that huge trophy with my first name engraved on it, in that dream, left me astonished. 

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