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A Two Hour Visit to a Long Time Unseen Sister!

Catherine Cissé
February 17, 2012

I was nervous, yesterday, going to visit a sister I had not seen and met for 3 decades.

Few weeks passed by since she first contacted me, inviting to share a moment together.

If I became comfortable with encounters I initiate, to respond to one, especially when it is linked to the past, makes me nervous still, even though doing better and better, thanks for the awareness of the necessity to live: now.

The walk to find her living place seemed long, betraying the nervosity.

I didn't even hear my phone sending her sms to guide my from the subway station on. Ah ah!

I just wanting to dwell in the state of mind and heart Life Coaching gave me to choose.

Of course, how we first came to know each other colored the sharing in a pleasant manner.

But what made the encounter valuable to me is the common concern to help the reunion of all the brothers and sisters, beginning with here in France, who lived and loved for True Parents but that couldn't find their valuable participation appreciated enough.

To meet someone, whose couple has experiences being central leading figures, have such awareness and concern, visiting and meeting herself such "ex" member, was worth the initial nervosity.

Because that's the thing, isn't it: to be able to actualize facing relationships, the old ones as new ones?

Thank you, God! 

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