The Words of the Cisse Family

Being Liberated from Expectations toward My Husband

Catherine Cissé
March 6, 2012

Sun Myung Moon January 24, 2012

Someone asked me a while ago: "When was the last time you offered a real condition FOR your husband?"

It had been a very long time. To have claimed true womanhood back, has asked for all of my attention for several years.

Recently, the testimony of one Blessed member, who had the experience of becoming all wet from tears for the spouse, choked me, as I had missed that experience for so long!

So, early this year, I offered an eight days fast to restore that sense of distance from my husband.

That condition felt like it was cleaning a table too long left unwashed!

Yet, I still could not experience any tears or sense of heartistic connection with him, living away from him, these last ten years!

So I decided to fast again for another eight days to regain my connection of heart with him.

Yet, I still could have a strong feelings love for him. However, it did something I did not expect...

I felt I am beginning to be liberated from my many expectations and selfish attachments toward him.

Along that thought, Father's texts on Blessing and Ideal Family comes to mind. It teaches how the Blessing of marriage course, with much love and sacrifice, shapes the character of the bride to become of a true woman and true wife.

For now, I will keep from guilt and blame, and will invite my conscience and heart to open up to my husband. I know then he will respond like wise.

For now it is the time to just enjoy life beyond all the selfishness, that took me far away from real life and real love. 

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